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Bonnie Says: Warning To All BFFs — That Handsome, Charming Stranger You Meet In A Bar Could BE A Killer!

Fri, June 4, 2010 12:20pm EDT by 1 Comment
AP Images

AP Images

Have you ever spent the night with a man you just PICKED UP? Stop now or risk ending up like murder victim Natalee Holloway!

Handsome 22-year-old Joran van der Sloot is now suspected of murdering a second beautiful young woman, that he met at a bar or club,in 5 years. If this isn’t enough of a warning to you to never, I repeat NEVER, just go off with a hunky stranger, then you really need to read this and reconsider!

Natalee Holloway was a stunning 18-year-old blonde enjoying the last night of her high school senior class trip to Aruba, when she met Joran and two of his friends at a club, and agreed to hang out with him. She was never seen alive again!

And although Joran – a good-looking, top student from a prominent Aruban family was detained twice by police in connection with her disappearance, he was never charged with her murder.

He admitted at one point that he’d had sex with Natalee on the beach but that she had walked away afterwards. Later he claimed that she had a seizure on the beach after they had sex and that she died so… he threw her  body into the ocean! Like, any normal, non-guilty person would do that!

Fast forward to May 30, 2010, exactly five years to the date after Natalee’s disappearance and 21-year-old Stephany Flores, was brutally murdrered in Lima, Peru in a hotel room registered to Joran’s name.

Joran had met her in a casino the previous evening where both were playing poker and she apparently agreed to go back with Joran to his hotel room! This is especially strange because Stephany apparently knew who he was. She had mentioned to a cousin that she had seen a TV special about van der sloot  and was “shocked” by the Holloway murder.

The handsome suspect was arrested by police in Chile on June  3, after fleeing Lima, in the early am, four hours after going up to his hotel room with Stephany. Her body was discovered 4 days later in his blood-splattered room – her neck broken and her body and cervix badly bruised.

This is hardly the first case of a trusting young woman ending up dead after meeting hanging out with a handsome man, she hardly knew,  in a bar. In NYC, a beautiful college student, Jennifer Levin, 18, was found dead in Central Park after having been savagely strangled by handsome college dropout Robert Chambers, who came to be known as the preppy murderer. She left with him after a night out at popular NYC Upper East Side bar, Dorrian’s. He spent 15 years in prison for her murder after claiming that it was her fault she was dead — she wanted rough sex.

The bottom line is that psychopaths don’t always look like scary, shifty-eyed nuts. They can be well-dressed, well-educated, well-connected and can walk among us.

You can’t just tell that a guy you meet in a “bar” is a good guy based upon his looks or charm. Ted Bundy, one of the most infamous serial killers in U.S. history was handsome, exceedingly charming and intelligent. He easily convinced women to go out with him when he wanted! But he killed 40 women!

A person who is a ‘psychopath’ is “free from guilt and views themselves as better and of a higher social standing, but these traits are easy to cover up because [psychopaths] have a strong sense that they are superior and can use charm in very calculated ways,” explains psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Abbott. “They have no problem with lying to a degree that another person would never suspect.”

So, you really can’t just judge by how the guy  you’ve just met “seems”– the kind of bad guys I’m talking about work hard to make you feel safe with them!

But despite the charm, a guy like Joran Van Der Sloot or Robert Chambers, hates woman. “When you kill women it’s because you have a real hostility, a hate, towards them,” explains Dr. Jeffery Gardere, a forensic psychologist.

Now ask yourself, if you have ever spent the night with a man you just met- could it be because you are feeling self destructive?

Dr. Gardere believes that the young woman murdered in Lima must have had self destructive tendencies to go off to a strange man’s ( especially one already suspected of murder)   hotel room at 5 in the morning, after meeting him earlier that night in a casino.

Flores a lesbian, who apparently still enjoys flirting with men, ” may have resisted Joran, which angered him,” believes Dr. Gardere.

Well ladies, don’t be self destructive, don’t be naive and trusting, just DO NOT go off alone with a stranger to walk on a secluded beach during your vacation. Do not accept a ride or an invitation to a guy’s apartment, that you just met — no matter how adorable or fun he is!

Men who murder can look like Prince Charming and you don’t want to be one of their victims!

Bonnie Fuller

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