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Taylor Says He's Embarrassed By His Perfect Body! Is He Nuts?

Fri, June 4, 2010 2:01pm EDT by 6 Comments


Can you believe it? Taylor Lautner says he’s uncomfortable by all the attention he gets for his ripped body!

Taylor Lautner may just have the hottest body on the planet. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes lust after him and every guy would kill to be him — but the Twilight hunk says being drop dead sexy isn’t easy…and he doesn’t like the all the attention his rock-hard abs get!

“It has become embarrassing,” the 18-year-old heartthrob admitted at an Eclipse press conference in South Korea June 2. “It doesn’t annoy me, but people do tend to ask about it a lot. To me, it’s just part of the character — it’s not like I can take it off!”

And thank goodness for that! After producers considered going with a different, more muscular actor to play wereboy Jacob Black, Taylor hit the gym hard to keep his role. He’s earned it — and earned the attention that goes with his chiseled torso! Eclipse hits theaters June 30 and we cannot wait to lust once again after his super-human body!

–Kirstin Benson

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