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Bonnie Says! K-Stew, Stop Having A Pity Party Because You're Rich & Famous!

Fri, June 4, 2010 5:14pm EDT by 16 Comments
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Kristen, I love you AND I love your films, including The Runaways, but you MUST STOP the misery about your infamy!

Most people on the planet would be thrilled to have earned $16 million in the past year, have a stunning and funny hunk of a boyfriend AND be enjoying the career of their dreams.

Isn’t having “cameras shoved in my face” and “intrusive questions” being asked a small price to pay for all of your blessings?

You already put your foot in your mouth when you said that having paparazzi photos taken was like being raped. Thankfully, you’ve gracefully apologized for that. Because yes, rape victims are real victims — being too loved and adored by fans is NOT a form of being victimized!

Hopefully, as you mature, you’ll learn to enjoy our moment in the spotlight. It won’t last forever!

— Bonnie Fuller