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Thanks For Coming Clean, Kim & Heidi! Surgeons Say That Nearly Every Celebrity Has Had Botox, But Won’t Admit It!

Thu, June 3, 2010 6:08pm EDT by 4 Comments

Believe it or not, getting Botox in your twenties is a common practice — what’s more shocking is that both Kim Kardashian and Heidi Montag owned up to it!

Kim Kardashian, Heidi Montag and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak have all admitted to getting Botox while in their twenties — and they aren’t alone. Three doctors tell that Botox is actually a common practice for celebs in their 20’s, and that nearly every famous gal has had it done — but just won’t admit it!

“I suspect almost every celebrity gets Botox,” Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Brent Moelleken tells, explaining, “Celebrities need to look their best, or they don’t work, so for them [Botox] is a necessity. Celebrities are savvy about their options and know how beneficial Botox can be to their appearance.”

Agrees LA-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Koplin, “Botox is probably the most common surgical procedure there is for all celebrities.”

But why do these beautiful young girls (Kim K is 29, Heidi is 23 and Kim Z., now 32, was 25 when she had her procedure done) feel the need to immobilize their facial muscles?

“Lots of women in their 20’s are treating lines that run their family, or they want to prevent the lines from getting etched in,” explains Dr. Kenneth Beer, a Florida-based dermatologist and owner of

Adds Moelleken, “Women have heard of the preventative effects of Botox and come in the moment they start to see frown lines and crow’s feet lines.”

Heidi, who had a record ten surgeries in one day last November, apparently saw those lines prematurely — she had work done on her forehead and frown lines. Says Beer, “Frequently injected areas are the frown lines and crow’s feet. Foreheads, chins and necks are other areas that can be treated.”

At least the procedure isn’t dangerous for women in their 20’s. Reveals Koplin, “It’s not really dangerous for women in their twenties because it is not permanent, but the repetitive injections WILL damage the skin over time!’

Hear that ladies? You might look awesome now, but you should probably quit while you’re ahead!

— Laura Schreffler



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