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Lady Gaga Rips Off Madonna & Fakes Originality In 'Alejandro' Music Video!

Wed, June 2, 2010 10:44am EDT by 43 Comments

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Lady Gaga’s ‘original’ style seems to steal from the Material Girl yet again in her ‘Alejandro’ video – and she’s not the only one!

The just released 19 second preview for Lady Gaga‘s video ‘Alejandro’ proves yet again that music’s greatest video thief is at it again. In less than thirty seconds the pop star manages to rip off not one, not two, not three, BUT four pop video staples we have seen before! We have them listed below for you!

  1. Madonna: ‘Express Yourself’ Gaga gets started a mere one second in by showing off a wide legged paint suit with sleeveless top that looks exactly the same as Miss M’s very recognizable outfit from her iconic video.
  2. Madonna: ‘Erotic’ Just in case anyone is bored 12 seconds into the video, Lady Gaga begins cutting in with brief scenes depicting her and another man enjoying the company of one another in a somewhat rough way. Thanks for the great idea M!
  3. Madonna: ‘Vogue’ Third time’s the charm for G who, in addition to making the video black and white, finds herself in the final second of the preview with her hair slicked, wearing a long dress, surrounded by men. Very creative Gaga!
  4. Janet Jackson: ‘Rhythm Nation’ This one may be a stretch but we would like to think Gaga is an equal opportunity thief and the chorus of choreographed extras throughout the video do somewhat mirror Ms. Jackson’s signature song (and another great black and white video). Though, we could also make an argument they too are plucked from Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ Video.

It is not that Lady Gaga’s video is bad, it looks pretty amazing and if you are going to steal, steal from the best. It just seems like it may be time for everyone to start pulling back on the notion that Ms. Gaga is a remarkably original creature. She has a long, long way to go to reach the level of both Madonna and Janet!

In her possible defense however, Gaga did hand selected Madonna’s photographer of choice to direct the video – Steven Klein. A complete knock-off may have been the goal!

-Chris Spargo

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