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EXCLUSIVE! Just Three Weeks After Having A Baby, Bethenny Looks Great! Experts Weigh In: How She Got Her Bod Back!

Sat, May 29, 2010 4:09pm EDT by 6 Comments, Fame Pictures, Fame Pictures

Can you believe it only took Bethenny three weeks to look this great? Experts say it’s just due to breast feeding, a balanced diet, walking and SLEEP!

It’s unreal how great The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Bethenny Frankel looks just 21 days after giving birth to her daughter Brynn Hoppy on May 8! She’s practically back to her old “skinnygirl” self and experts say it’s due to the normal activities of being a new mommy. They agree: breast feeding, a balanced diet, walking & SLEEP have helped Bethenny to get her hot bod back!

“You lose a fair amount by breast feeding,” explains Dr. Carson Liu, Director of Skylex Surgical, Inc. “A lot of the weight is water weight. You shed a lot of fluids and calories as you breast feed.”

Eating a “healthy balance of foods: proteins, fruits and vegetables,” helps, he continues. “You want to have enough calcium, fluids, antioxidants (bright colored fruits and vegetables), Omega 3’s,” adds Keri Glassman, author of the O2 Diet. “Protein is [also] good for rebuilding.”

Bethenny “knows what a serving size is,” says John Spencer Ellis, celebrity fitness trainer. “As a trained chef, she is expected to know how to eat healthy.”

And since mommies can’t return to the gym until about six weeks after getting a C-section, Keri says, Bethenny has to find a different way to exercise.

Walking the weight off is literally the best advice a new mom can get. The “first thing they can do is walking,” John. “If you have 30 minutes of walking, stretching or yoga, those are things that help to change your lifestyle,” confirms Dr. Liu.

But our experts agree that the BEST thing a mom who has recently given birth can do to lose the weight is SLEEP! “The most important thing is getting enough sleep,” says Dr. Liu.

“[Sleep deprivation is] the biggest thing that will keep you heavier for longer. Everything is regulated by your sleep cycle [including] your fat content,” John adds.

Plus, “when you’re tired, you can misinterpret it as hunger,” Keri tells us.

It’s also important to note that Bethenny lucked out being naturally thin — that’s how she’s always been! “Some of it’s genetics — some of it is actions and behaviors,” John says.

Keri agrees: “She’s a thin, healthy person.”

— Lindsey DiMattina, with reporting by Haleigh Castino