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BFFs Are You Cheating On Your Man But You Don't Even Realize It? Check Out What Our Experts Have To Say!

Fri, May 28, 2010 10:00am EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment


Is a simple kiss considered cheating? What if you cheat with an ex-boyfriend? Carrie Bradshaw knows first hand how hard it can be to let someone go!

Have you ever cheated on your BF? If you have, some of you felt horrible and others thought it was no big deal — especially if it was just a kiss.

But if you’re a fan of Sex and the City then you know Carrie Bradshaw [Sarah Jessica Parker] can’t decide on whether to be with Aidan [John Corbett] or her husband, Mr. Big [Chris Noth]. In SATC2 Carrie cheats on Mr. Big with her ex-flame … it seems like just a simple kiss BUT we’re having a big debate at as to whether it’s really cheating!

Author and relationship expert Dr. David Eigen defines “cheating” as “anything without integrity to your commitment, agreement, or vows.”

We asked Dr. Eigen if it’s all right to go to dinner with an ex even if you’re in a committed relationship. “It’s not necessarily bad,” he says. “If you are friends on a healthy level.”

BUT one expert tells that cheating is different for men and women.

“Women are more emotional,” says sex expert, Dr. Victoria Zdrok. “While it’s more about sex for men.”

Not only does Dr. Zdrok tell us that women are more emotional but it turns out they’re more forgiving too!

Many women are able to forgive a man’s cheating if there was only sex involved and they don’t love the other woman,” she says. “While men find it harder to forgive sex over love.”

If you’re like Carrie and cheated with an ex (however you define it) it turns out it’s far worse than picking just a random person!  “Cheating with a former lover is worse,” says Dr. Zdrok. “Because of the strong emotional component between them.”

Tell us what you think! Is it really cheating?

— Erin Swan


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