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BFFs — Can You Blame Her? Elin Flees From Tiger – Halfway Around The World!

Thu, May 27, 2010 9:52am EDT by 3 Comments

Tiger’s wife plans a Chinese getaway within the next few months!

It looks like Elin Nordegren has figured out the first thing she is going to spend her rumored $750 million divorce settlement on – a trip to China! RadarOnline reports: “Elin Nordegren is planning an extended trip to China within the next few months. She is working out the dates now and has not decided if she is bringing the children with her.” This trip will not be Elin’s first since her husband’s affairs came to light, but it certainly sends the message she wants to be as far away from Tiger as possible!

Relations between Tiger and Elin have reportedly soured even further over the past month, even though the pair live barely a mile apart! “Elin has the nannies take the kids to Tiger’s house,” one source said. “She used to drive them and go in the house. Not anymore. She’s been great about sharing the kids, but she doesn’t go near Tiger.”

This revelation, along with her recent enrollment in classes at Rollins College, make it clear Elin is set on building a new life separate from her golfer husband. The report also notes that Tiger too is moving on, going out with friends to his favorite Orlando spots.

On a odd side note, it is mentioned that while Elin and Tiger have both hired divorce lawyers, neither has filed papers yet.

-Chris Spargo

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