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Bret, Doctors Say You’re Crazy To Be Performing So Soon After Your Health Scares! What Are You Thinking?!

Thu, May 27, 2010 7:04pm EDT by 2 Comments


We know Bret Michaels isn’t the type to sit around and twirl his thumbs, but three doctors are concerned his brain will bleed again if he keeps up all this activity!

When Bret Michaels strolled out onto the stage to perform with Casey James during the live American Idol finale May 26, our jaws dropped. Wasn’t this the same guy who last month was on the brink of death after his brain suddenly started bleeding and then survived only to suffer a mini stroke weeks later? What was he doing rocking out on one of the highest-rated TV shows in the country?

Turns out we weren’t the only ones to think the 47-year-old rocker is flirting with disaster! A neurologist, medicine specialist and cardiologist ALL agree — Bret is crazy to be doing so much, so soon.

“If he was my brother, I probably would not let him do that much work, that’s for sure,” Dr. Dexter Sun, a neurologist from Weill Cornell Medical College, tells May 27, explaining, “When you have a lot of stress, the blood pressure starts shooting up and it can cause bleeding. Sometimes if you are doing a lot of physical activity, it can increase the instance of stroke.”

Dr. John Osborne MD PHD, a Dallas-based cardiologist from State of the Heart Cardiology, agrees and says the hole in Bret’s heart pales in comparison to his brain hemorrhage.

“Between the two, I’m more worried about the bleed in the head than the little hole in his heart,” Dr. Osborne says. “The hole in his heart is something he’s had since the day he was born. He COULD have another TIA [Transient Ischemic Attack, which is a warning stroke] from it, but it’s fairly rare. Generally to prevent it from happening again, giving people things like aspirin to thin the blood works fairly well. Although he’s sort of in a rock and a hard place. With the brain bleed you don’t want to give blood thinning meds, so I’d probably do the plug in that place. It’s called an occluder device — it’s placed within the heart where the hole is; many times it’s an outpatient procedure.”

Even though Bret’s heart condition isn’t too serious, Dr. Osborne was still shocked to see him rocking out on American Idol.

“I would be certainly very leery about [him performing already],” he tells us. “I’m shocked that he can even be out of the hospital; he was INCREDIBLY fortunate. Usually when this happens, risk of death is 80%. He just needs to be very careful.”

Careful certainly doesn’t mean rushing back to a nation-wide tour or performing on TV, says Los Angeles-based pain medication specialist Dr. Gregory Smith, MD. He thinks Bret needs to “chill.”

“Here’s a guy who we know has a problem and going right back into a high stress situation immediately is very, very risk. Normally if it was a regular person who had just [gone through this] I wouldn’t think they would even do a regular job, let alone do high stress performances on national TV,” he says, advising, “I would want to reintroduce him to work GRADUALLY. Maybe a nightclub in LA once or twice but to just go back into a tour and American Idol, it’s a lot of stress. I don’t care who you are, you’ve got to have some anxiety and get a little pumped up if you’re going on the highest rated TV show in the country.”

Unfortunately for someone with Bret’s high energy, there is no set recovery time, all the doctors explain. It’s a gradual process that certainly doesn’t include “rocker lifestyle.”

Sorry Bret, but the experts agree — you’re definitely going to have to rock a little less hard these days!

–Kirstin Benson

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