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Jesse James' 'Nightline' Interview Only Hurt Him — Most Experts Agree!

Wed, May 26, 2010 6:53pm EDT by 2 Comments

Do YOU think Jesse’s apology and confession last night made him look better or worse?

During Jesse JamesNightline interview May 25, the self-proclaimed ‘most hated man in America’ tried to dig himself out of the mess he’s created — but did it work? Three experts who advised the 41-year-old before his interview, weighed in on his performance…and most of them agree: Jesse’s confession only made him look even more scummy!

Nice try, Jesse — but your interview didn’t win us over!

Jesse cannot accept responsibility for his actions with Sandra without pitting the blame on his father. It just goes to show how weak he is to be using it as an excuse. Their were too many excuses for his infidelity. Jesse should have bit the bullet and told the truth and not look for any sympathy. He chose to deal with his childhood NOW, why didn’t he deal with it before? He’s had the money. For the sake of his kid, why wouldn’t you want to be the best parent possible? Why did he wait until now? — Celebrity image expert, Michael Sands

He wants forgiveness from Sandra Bullock and his kids, but how does this help? My gut tells me that this is really all about HIM: helping people understand why he did this; the cathartic healing the interview and going public provides him; the hope that the PUBLIC will feel better about him. He admitted he screwed up. That it was his fault. He said all the right things. But so much of what he talked about is really private stuff. I do believe he made a mistake by going public with such detail. I walked away feeling sorry for him. But I don’t feel any less sorry for Sandra Bullock…and I truly question his motives. Glenn Selig, Founder of the Publicity Agency

Good job, Jesse! Your interview was a success!

In my opinion, Jesse James helped his public image somewhat with his Nightline interview. He projected honesty and regret, and I think he was very believable and sincere. His revelation of child abuse will also serve to invoke a certain level of sympathy with many people. I think he explained the abuse connection to his adult behavior in a logical manner. He didn’t push it too much as an excuse per se, but simply as a fact of something that happened to him. Is it plausible as part of the reason for his self-destructive behavior? Absolutely. While this interview may not save his marriage, I do think it will eventually help him to significantly recover his career and public image. Dr. R. J. Garis, Director/Senior Counsel, Garis PR & Media Group

–Kirstin Benson



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