Bonnie Says: Jesse James' Nightline Interview Proves He's A Liar Says Body Language Expert!

Wed, May 26, 2010 7:46pm EST by 10 Comments
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Good riddance Sandra — Jesse James is no good for you or your new baby!

Jesse James appeared on Nightline last night, May 26th and if he was hoping to come off as remorseful he failed miserably, according to body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass. According to Dr. Lillian Glass and Patti Woods, two leading body language experts. This is what they had to say…

Jesse likes being the most hated man in America –

  • “He was chuckling and had smirk when ask if “he was the most hated man in America.” and volunteered the information “I am the most hated man in the world.” His laugh was a chuckle which shows that he was making light of the gravity of the situation.” — Lillian Glass

Jesse is lying about being a victim of child abuse –

  • “He paused and looked down and away when he was talking about child abuse. This indicates he was lying. He did the same when he began crying by pausing and looking down. He also took a while to cry which shows that he was trying to bring up emotion to try to bring up tears.” — Dr. Lillian Glass
  • “Typically men when their tears are sincere, if there hand goes to their face when they are crying they will grip around their nose and eyes, and they will touch and wipe down in a way to get rid of the grief. Jesse held his fingertips around the nose and he kept his hand there a beat too long before wiping it away. That shows he was wanting to hold that emotion in until we felt it with him and that made it go over the top as a performance. He also made such a show by asking the interviewer to give him a moment.” — Patti Wood

Jesse isn’t telling the truth about not being a racist –

  • “His verbal response was “absolutely not” when asked if he was a racist but his lips were pressed down, right after the statement, which shows he was suppressing another feeling. Jesse said “being called a racist makes me….” He took a long awkward silent pause during which he had a tight mouth and his chin goes down. He then continued “it makes me really sad.” That was not a true statement because his facial expression in that pause was one of anger rather than sadness.” — Patti Wood

Jesse doesn’t think he is a monster –

  • “When he says “I am not a monster type,” you see right before his statement his facial expression go into this angry snarl but then detach from his own anger by saying non-verbally “I’m not that bad” because his voice changes by flattening out and getting very soft. — Patti Wood

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Posted at 11:33 AM on May 27, 2010  

Im so tired of hearing about cheating men! Its making me hate men! I sware! I feel terrible for Sandra. Butshe’ll be ok. Shes a powerful woman. She doesnt need him. He’s garbage. To cheat once MIGHT be a mistake. But clearly he was screwing everyone.. so hes just a dirtbag. shes better off without him LYING to her. I think the worse part of the cheating is the lies! About where he is what hes doing.. omg id die. Why do men get married!!!!!! Stop marrying woman and stop having girlfriends!!! I’ll never understand why men want a wife.. but want whores on the side. If i was a guy Id stay single. PEriod.

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Posted at 10:53 AM on May 27, 2010  

I had to comment after the “I am not a monster type” comment. I know too many people when I worked in bars. And Patti was right on. Jesse was thinking of axe murderers, and thinking “I am not THAT bad.” His tattooed lover might not be the most liked girl on earth right now, but she knew exactly who Jesse James was. Don’t buy her, “He fooled me too.” “It” saw the money she could make and knew the paparazzi would make her famous. I wish that jerks like them never made it into the tabloids. As long as we stalk the losers, there will always be losers to talk about.

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Posted at 12:37 AM on May 27, 2010  

I liked JJ on the apprentice. Now I think he is just stupid. I will defend him on this though. The hitler thing he did was a spontaneous joke, get over it. However when Joan Rivers on the Apprentice she rant and raved like a child and repeatedly called people Hitler. Hitler was the worst person in moderen history. I don’t think the N word is any worse than that. Yet Donald Trump kissed her ass and didn’t say anything. If that would have been a regular apprentice rathter than a celebrity, he would have been all over them

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Posted at 12:06 AM on May 27, 2010  

He’s a good actor.

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Posted at 9:55 PM on May 26, 2010  

Well this explains why SB married him in the first place. She wanted to believe him, and he was willing to act.

Hollywood Life. Body language. I love it. He is such a waste of skin. And again, another man putting his wife in danger by screwing around without a condom. He could have contracted an STD and given it to her. I hope she cuts him out of her life. He doesn’t deserve to have anything to do with her, and after this, she probably won’t.

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Posted at 9:45 PM on May 26, 2010  

OMYGOD!! This is totally insane! ALL this bulls*** about what 2 body experts are saying about him….YOU need to get real! NOBODY knows what this man feels ONLY HE DOES….so he cheated and blah blah blah….people are making a mountain out of a mohill…so many people cheat!! EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES!!!! quit drilling this man….he has to pay for his mistakes, he doesnt need the whole world bashing him also…YOU PEOPLE do not S*** bricks of GOLD….you are far from perfect…

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He's a LIAR & Sleaze

Posted at 7:56 PM on May 26, 2010  

Even if he was an abuse victim – it does not excuse his behavior or Sandra Bullock’s bad taste in marrying him and ignoring all the screaming red flags for years – including the fact that ALL her friends told her not to get involved w/ this guy. Now thanks to her, this lowlife is in our collective consciousness and ruining what it truly means to be a victim of abuse. I have never liked him, but this makes me lose all respect for Sandra and she used to be one of my favorite movie stars.

Abuse victims deserve sympathy, but NOT when they turn around and inflict pain on others b/c now they are the abusers. This guy went on a talk show and said in the same chillingly disgusting giggle he made during the interview that he used to throw rocks at his 80 year neighbor’s windows. So abuse makes you torture the elderly, expose your wife to humiliation and STDs? MANY victims of abuse go get help for their pain and problems – they don’t inflict them on others. This guy needs to go away!!!

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Posted at 10:26 AM on May 27, 2010  

I don’t think it’s fair to bash Sandra for her choices. Everyone makes mistakes, and I doubt she could have known beforehand that Jesse would have done this to her despite all the red flags and warnings. People are especially prone to making mistakes when they’re in love, and even though she did make the wrong choice, none of what happened was her fault. Jesse’s just ridiculous and disgusting.

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He's a LIAR & Sleaze

Posted at 9:16 PM on May 27, 2010  

His two other wives were not as famous as Sandra so his prior cheating was not made public. However, he did the IDENTICAL things to them that he did to Sandra minus the fame. Sandra met him when he was in an ugly separation w/ porn star wife. So being proudly named after a murdering thief, having an all out ugly fight w/ then wife, trying to date Sandra while still married, his history w/ porn stars, his being an adrenaline junkie, his past substance abuse, the fact that he sounds like Beavis and Buthead – none of these were clues? I am not at all surprised by his behavior, I’m just surprised that it too years for it to be exposed. Also, let’s not forget that Jesse said in the interview that Sandra had suspicions. We all a part of our brain call the basal ganglia that collects all information it see, much of which our conscious mind does not pick up and it isn’t connected w/ our word center, but it gives us warnings in terms of feelings – so by the time you “suspect” or instinctively feel something in your gut – that’s not made up, it’s 95% likely true by then.

I’m not saying Sandra deserved what happened to her nor did she cause him to cheat, but when you sleep w/ a snake and he does his snake thing and hurts you – you can’t be too surprised or be without responsibility – you brought the snake into your life. However, I hope she learns how to tell the snake from a good man next time. If he looks like a douche, talks like one, and has acted like one to all the women he’s been w/ previously – he’s a douche.

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He's a LIAR & Sleaze

Posted at 9:18 PM on May 27, 2010  

“Fight” was not the correct word, it was an ongoing all out violent abusive war.

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