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Bonnie Says: Jesse James' Nightline Interview Proves He's A Liar Says Body Language Expert!

Wed, May 26, 2010 7:46pm EDT by 10 Comments
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Good riddance Sandra — Jesse James is no good for you or your new baby!

Jesse James appeared on Nightline last night, May 26th and if he was hoping to come off as remorseful he failed miserably, according to body language expert, Dr. Lillian Glass. According to Dr. Lillian Glass and Patti Woods, two leading body language experts. This is what they had to say…

Jesse likes being the most hated man in America —

  • “He was chuckling and had smirk when ask if “he was the most hated man in America.” and volunteered the information “I am the most hated man in the world.” His laugh was a chuckle which shows that he was making light of the gravity of the situation.” — Lillian Glass

Jesse is lying about being a victim of child abuse —

  • “He paused and looked down and away when he was talking about child abuse. This indicates he was lying. He did the same when he began crying by pausing and looking down. He also took a while to cry which shows that he was trying to bring up emotion to try to bring up tears.” — Dr. Lillian Glass
  • “Typically men when their tears are sincere, if there hand goes to their face when they are crying they will grip around their nose and eyes, and they will touch and wipe down in a way to get rid of the grief. Jesse held his fingertips around the nose and he kept his hand there a beat too long before wiping it away. That shows he was wanting to hold that emotion in until we felt it with him and that made it go over the top as a performance. He also made such a show by asking the interviewer to give him a moment.” — Patti Wood

Jesse isn’t telling the truth about not being a racist —

  • “His verbal response was “absolutely not” when asked if he was a racist but his lips were pressed down, right after the statement, which shows he was suppressing another feeling. Jesse said “being called a racist makes me….” He took a long awkward silent pause during which he had a tight mouth and his chin goes down. He then continued “it makes me really sad.” That was not a true statement because his facial expression in that pause was one of anger rather than sadness.” — Patti Wood

Jesse doesn’t think he is a monster —

  • “When he says “I am not a monster type,” you see right before his statement his facial expression go into this angry snarl but then detach from his own anger by saying non-verbally “I’m not that bad” because his voice changes by flattening out and getting very soft. — Patti Wood