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Bristol Palin Says She Never Got The Sex Talk! 'My Parents Just Assumed I Wasn't Doing Anything!'

Wed, May 26, 2010 12:02pm EDT by Chloe Melas 9 Comments
Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

Bristol says her mom, Sarah Palin, never gave her the “birds and the bees” talk. Do you think it’s important for parents to talk to their kids about sex?

Bristol Palin, 19, never had “the talk!” She became pregnant at 17 with her son Tripp, 17 months, but she tells the June issue of Harpers Bazaar she never had a sit-down convo with her mom, Sarah Palin, about sex. We’re shocked the former Governor of Alaska, who is famous for her outspoken ways, never talked to her daughter about the dangers of having unprotected sex!

“It’s not like we all sat down and were like, ‘Alright, here’s the birds and the bees.’ Truly, my parents just assumed that I wasn’t doing anything. And it was a shock for us all.”

In case you’re a teen thinking it’s time to settle down and have a baby you might want to think again. “I don’t have time for friends or anything like that,” she says. “It’s just like, right, crap, there is a hockey game that I want to go to but I can’t. Or, I do have to go to work today, because I’ve got bills to pay.”

Bristol also points out the pregnancy wasn’t all cravings and mommy glow. “It was kind of humiliating,” she tells Harpers. “Great, I’m 17-years-old, I’m 40 pounds overweight with a big belly on me, all my friends are at school watching this on the news. This kind of sucks.”

Bristol, who raises Tripp as a single mom since splitting with baby daddy Levi Johnston, works as a medical assistant, and as an ambassador for the Candie’s foundation. “I’m on my own. I’m really proud of it,” she says. “I’m a hard worker … I thought I would be somewhere warm at college with my friends, but that was definitely not possible with having Tripp.”

“We’re very proud of her for taking responsibility,” says mom, Sarah. “It’s not an easy road, but it’s the right road. Decisions were made and we can’t unwind those decisions. Consequences are being dealt with … I’m sincerely proud of her.”

As for trying to date? “I’m in no rush,” she says. “One day I’ll find a nice guy.”

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-Chloe Melas



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