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Wow! EXCLUSIVE Interview! Bethenny Frankel Tells Us How New Moms Can Look FANTASTIC!

Wed, May 26, 2010 1:16pm EDT by 1 Comment


Just 18 days after giving birth to her new baby daughter, Bryn, we got Bethenny to tell us her new mom survival tips!

New mommy herself, The Real Housewives of New York City‘s Bethenny Frankel, has the tips you need to look good and feel good after giving birth — and your man will love the way you look if you follow her advice carefully. “My husband loves the pregnant person, he misses pregnant Bethenny.” Bethenny told EXCLUSIVELY on May 25. “He loved it. … I think it’s a beautiful thing before and after!”

Here are the tips Bethenny lives by that make her the radiant mommy she is today — she gave birth to baby girl Brynn Hoppy just weeks ago on May 8:

  1. Wear a Belly Bandit to get your tummy tucked back in: “They’ve sent me one and I’ve worn it,” Bethenny says. “It feels good, I hope it works. I’ve worn it to sleep and around the house. In fact, maybe I should put it on now. It’s something that you wrap around your body, and it also is good if you have a C-section. It holds the scar together and holds everything [else] together.”
  2. Spanx suck in the gut: “I feel like you want a little extra support right now,” she explains. “I never really wore things like that, but now I think it makes you feel together.” She suggests you try ASSETS which can be bought at Target. They’re much cheaper than Spanx.
  3. Don’t pull on the jeans until you feel comfortable again: “I haven’t put jeans on yet,” Bethenny admits. “I put them on to see if they fit (and they do), but I haven’t yet gone out. I have not been into doing anything feeling restricted.”
  4. Put massage cream all over your body to firm up: “Someone told me years ago to take cream and to repetitively massage it into your legs,” Bethenny dishes. “Count to 30 or 40, keep massaging near your thighs and the areas your concerned about. Massages are good for your circulation.”
  5. Wear what you find comfortable: “I’m still wearing some of my maternity dresses,” Bethenny admits. “A lot of the things you buy in maternity are not necessarily about maternity. You can wear them after. I’m wearing a lot of maxi dresses.”
  6. Leggings and supportive tanks are easy: Bethenny suggests the Yummy Tummy leggings and tank tops. “They come out a little bit more on the bottom, so they’re not so constricting,” she says. “The tanks have a good support at the bra more importantly because your boobs are like all over the place — that’s like a big thing.”
  7. Wait a while before you waste your cash on expensive bras: “I didn’t buy bras yet,” Bethenny tell us. “I don’t know what size I am, and one is bigger than the other when I am or am not breast feeding. [Instead,] I’ve been wearing built-in bra tank tops, the ones from J-Crew. It’s a tight bra — not one of those where it’s not really going to do it’s job.”
  8. Start a workout and diet routine during your pregnancy that will carry on afterward: “No one seems to get that,” Bethenny says. “I made recipes in The Skinnygirl Dish during my entire pregnancy and all about the principles of Naturally Thin completely worked.”

With these tips, mothers who have just had babies should be able to start glowing like a diva once again.

And don’t forget to check out Bethenny’s new series, Bethenny Getting Married?, when it premieres at 10 p.m. June 10 on Bravo!

— Lindsey DiMattina



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