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BONNIE'S REVIEW: Sex and the City 2 Is Your MUST SEE Movie! FOUR STARS!

Tue, May 25, 2010 12:22pm EDT by 1 Comment
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Go girlfriends — go to the movie theaters starting May 27th at midnight and get ready for a chick flickgasm!

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte are back and more hilariously better than ever! Age is NOT an issue. The fact that only one of the girls is still single — Samantha of course — isn’t an issue either. the movie reels in plenty of drama, style and relationship, sex and other misadventures to keep even a 19 year-old happy. I know that, because I took my daughter Sofia, 19, to the world premiere of Sex 2 last night and she LOVED and LAUGHED through every moment.

The film opens fabulously with the biggest, gayest wedding between Stanford and Anthony you can ever imagine — no, you can’t possibly imagine it — you have to see it. And it goes up from there.

I don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say that Liza Minelli is a surprise and brilliant guest star who rocks Beyoncé‘s “Single ladies” and can dance just as well as those 7-year-olds!

Carrie doesn’t just have a ridiculously gorgeous show closet, she has an overdecorated NYC apartment and new married woman anxieties.

Samantha’s obsessed with MENopause — especially keeping the MEN in it. And when the girls jet off to Abu Dhabi — a moment I was dreading since I felt Sex and the City HAD to stay in the city — it sets up the quartet for even more outrageously over-the-top clothes, shoes and sexploits.

Let’s just say that Abu Dhabi might have a new image crisis — due particularly to Samantha’s libido! I won’t be surprised if we hear some blacklash from religious zealots but SATC 2 takes on the Middle East’s sexual and personal repression of women in an all-out cleverly gut-busting comical attack that involves Samantha, condoms and clerics.

So not only is this movie a female bonding experience par excellence and sure to lead to SATC 3, it’s actually a global empowerment for women!

Go girls!

— Bonnie Fuller