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Bonnie Says: I Understand How Jesse Tricked Sandra!

Tue, May 25, 2010 12:08pm EDT by 2 Comments
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Watch Jesse James on Nightline tonight and you too will get it — here’s why!

Jesse James LOOKS like a big, scary toughguy in pictures. He probably looks scary in person with his giant pecs and arm tattoos. He LOOKS like a guy who could be up to all manner of NO GOOD — including sleazy sex sessions with strippers and porn stars.

HOWEVER, here’s the BIG however — when Jesse opens his mouth and starts to talk, he has this normal, nerdy, even nebishy everyday guy voice. He SOUNDS like a sweet, young guy-next-door who wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone break the heart of America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.

Let me also emphasize that he sounds young! Younger than his age of 41.

This is not the voice of a man demanding oral sex from employees or snarling dirty commands to Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

I can totally understand why Sandra would have believed her “bad boy” was really just a big misunderstood teddy bear. Once he talks, he seems totally non-threatening! Even cute!

Now I believe that because Jesse sounded like such a nerd growing up — who probably couldn’t land any girl — he overcompensated with the body building, the tattoos and the big motorcycles.

Once he got a reputation, he suddenly had access to women and the horny bad boy went for easy prey — strippers and porn stars.

I bet he never thought he could EVER get a girl like Sandra, but she was a softy who saw and liked the nerd inside his bad boy exterior. He figured that out and played her and the situation for all it was worth!

Watch this video of Jesse talking!

Do you agree?

–Bonnie Fuller


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