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OUCH, BIEBZ! Justin Bieber Goes Head-to-Head With a Sliding Glass Door! GUESS WHO WON!

Fri, May 21, 2010 12:58pm EDT by 42 Comments

The BiebZ walked right into a glass revolving door — it looks like he really hurt himself!

Poor Justin Bieber! The teen pop super-sensation walked smack into a revolving glass door at a Radisson hotel and knocked his head. The 16-year-old looked like he really got hurt for a minute! But being the cool kid that he is, he quickly laughed it off for the camera.

Later, he tweeted about it:

“i think my head still hurts from running into that door…haha. only thing u can do in times like that is laugh at yourself…and laugh hard.”

Well WE sure are laughing hard! We also love how the Bieb took such a major embarrassment all in stride.

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