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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay, You’re Not Safe! You Can Be Arrested At Any Moment, Wherever You Are In Europe!

Thu, May 20, 2010 7:32pm EDT by 1 Comment

You can run, but you can’t hide, Lindsay Lohan! Lawyers tell us that you can be picked up anywhere in the world and extradited back to LA!

If Lindsay Lohan planned on hiding out in Europe now that a warrant has been issued for her arrest, she’s sadly mistaken. After skipping out on a mandatory court-ordered appearance stemming from her 2007 DUI, several lawyers tell that the hard-partying starlet can be arrested anywhere in Europe and extradited back to the US!

Anywhere Lindsay goes she can be picked up and arrested, then sent over to Los Angeles for prosecution,” LA-based attorney Steve Cron tells us.

Agrees another LA-based lawyer, Don Zachary, “We have extradition policies with all EU countries that if a warrant is out there, she can be arrested at any time.”

In other words, Lindsay, you can run — but you can’t hide!

But there’s good news. Even though the 23-year-old starlet’s bail has been posted at $100,000, Zachary says she’ll only have to pay a small percentage of that amount to keep herself out of jail. “What most people don’t know is that Lindsay only has to pay 10%, so she’ll only have to put up $10,000.”

The lawyers do disagree about the amount of time Lindsay could spend it jail — but said sentence is all dependent upon whether she posts bail or not.

“She could be in the general population of jail for months. Judges are no longer taking these things lightly. She could be incarcerated for a long time if she doesn’t pay up,” explains Zachary.

Fellow LA-based lawyer Jennifer Monroe believes that at most, if arrested on the warrant, Lindsay would have a few days of jail time before going to court. “Unless she is arrested in some place like NYC, it should only be a few days. They would get her in court and take of the violation rather swiftly,” she says.

As Lindsay has only ever been in jail for a grand total of 84 minutes — when she was arrested for her 2007 DUI — a few days might feel like torture! The lawyers agree The Machete star would most likely be placed back in her former facility, LA’s all-female prison, Lynwood.

But to avoid MORE jail time and even more trouble, Zachary says Lindsay needs to get her butt back in the USA to face the music — and fast. “If she was well-advised, she should get back as soon as possible,” he says. “They might lower her bail to get her back sooner and they’d most likely consider taking away her passport. This would help make her able to attend a future court date.”

All we can say is, you did it to yourself, Ms. Lohan.

— Laura Schreffler. Reporting by Russ Weakland

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