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KENDRA CASHES IN ON HER OWN SEX TAPE! She's Getting Half of All the Sales!

Thu, May 20, 2010 11:01am EDT by 5 Comments
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Getty Images

So much for publically protesting the release of her private tape — the deal just got a whole lot sweeter for Kendra!

Kendra Wilkinson, 24, may still be claiming she’s “devastated” by the sex tape scandal, but looks like whatever pain she’s feeling will be more than soothed by the potential millions she could make, reports RadarOnline.

Kendra’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Frye, 28, originally shopped the sex tape to the market and initiated the sale of the film to Vivid for which he was paid $100,000, but Kendra came in separately from him to sign her own deal.

The tape itself was filmed shortly after Kendra graduated from high school and it shows her in highly explicit situations with Justin. “Justin had a tripod in his bedroom for the camera and a stripper pole in the apartment,” explained a source of the situation. “Kendra definitely was not shy about being in these tapes. There are tapes of Kendra in really compromising positions … doing a lot of embarrassing things.”

After Kendra broke up with Justin, she left the tapes behind at his apartment in San Diego where she lived with him for a short period prior to moving into Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy mansion. “It was a bad break-up … as soon as Hef took her, she was gone,” said the source.

“Justin knew what he had [with the tape] and obviously waited for the optimum moment to sell it,” continued the source. “He waited until Kendra’s fame hit a certain level. This was a well-orchestrated plan!”

Even though Kendra could not sell the tapes back in 2008 when she took it to market on her own (Hugh had to approve any transaction), this new deal will most likely make Kendra millions as Steve Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid, predicts that it will be one of the best-selling celebrity sex tapes ever.

Hopefully Kendra and hubby Hank Baskett can get over their marital problems now because their family is about receive a boat load of dinero! The cash would be great especially if the baby rumors are true.

— Lindsey DiMattina

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