WATCH! Video Of 7-Year-Old 'Single Ladies' Dancers Performing Another Sexy Routine!

Tue, May 18, 2010 6:41pm EDT by 8 Comments
WATCH! Video Of 7-Year-Old 'Single Ladies' Dancers Performing Another Sexy Routine!
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Looks like ‘Single Ladies’ was not the first time this group of talented girls performed a very adult routine!

It seems like the most popular 7-year-old dancers in the country have been performing their very impressive, and very adult, routines for some time now! Less than a week after their ‘Single Ladies’ dance was released video has surfaced on YouTube of the girl’s doing a version of ‘My Boyfriend’s Back’ in 2009. Same amazing dancing, same sexy moves!

While we think this video definitely proves these girls are serious about their dancing and that should be more important than how “sexy” their dance may be, tell us what you think! Check out the video above and tell us in the comments!

-Chris Spargo



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Posted at 5:11 PM on May 22, 2010  

Here we go with the entire world thinking they can say what a child can and can not do. Take the responsibilities awat from the parent. In case you do not know 50 percent of all prison population was sentenced at 17, lost, confused and no place to turn because society said the parents did not kow hwo to parent there kids. These girld are grear, leave them and thei familys alone. Some say they were ashamed to watch the video, then get psychotheraphy. YOU have the problem sicko. The girls are great dancers and ahve good parents.

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kayleigh clarke

Posted at 3:47 PM on May 20, 2010  

I have to admit, i was both shocked and amazed in equal measure, not at the video at some of the comments posted here!!!!! I think those wee girls are amazing! And can everyone just STEP BACK for a minute and think????? these girls are NOT dancing in a niteclub, nor on the street, they are not stripping they (at 7 years of age) have obviously been practising thier socks off for a LONG time to get this perfect. Is that not a sign of dedication, strength, focus and a love for what they are doing?????? It could be worse, they could be out on the streets playing with thier friends learning curse words, becoming terrors but they are not!!!!What we should be doing (as an audience) is celebrating how hard they have worked to be that good! What were you doing at 7 years of age? I know that i didnt have that kind of structure in my life, i think i was just playing barbie dolls and watching tv!!!!Give those girls a round of applause and catch yourselves on!!!!!

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Tri train

Posted at 6:00 PM on May 19, 2010  

These young girls are obviously quite talented. There are so many youthful songs these girls can be dancing to not (My Boyfriends Back),the dance atire needs to be more age appropriate. These days kids are exposed to sex at a very young age via: TV, computers, song lyrics. As parent we need to protect our youths innocense and allow them to be children not sex symbols.

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Posted at 10:36 AM on May 19, 2010  

As a very soon to be teen boy who is just beginning to really like girls I like this. It could mean were going to have much hotter sexier girls in school to choose from to be our girl friends.and hopefully they will be ready to have sex with us sooner. I think girls now should have mandatory birth control when they get into middle school cause i don’t wanna be a dad too soon

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Posted at 10:10 PM on June 13, 2010  

OMG!!!!! As a mother of a 12 year old boy and 7 year old girl I am appalled by your response. If you are not ready to be a Dad than you better learn to keep your pants on. If I heard my son making a comment like that I would be totally ashamed of his lack of respect for the opposite sex. Shame on you!!!!!!!

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Posted at 10:45 PM on May 18, 2010  

I can’t believe you actually give these girls a platform.
This is way over the top for girls their age and it makes
every young girl think that this is normal. If you complain
about Miley being too young to do a lap dance then these
girls should not even appear on this website. Unreal!

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Posted at 9:12 PM on May 18, 2010  

I think that these girls are amazing dancers, but having them dance that adult and that sexy could have some negative side effects now and when they are older. I think if they are going to dance so provocatively then they at least need to tone it down by being mostly clothed.

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Posted at 7:18 PM on May 18, 2010  

These girls can dance way sexier than me! The girl in the pink is my fav dancer in this vid

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