Tiger Woods' Former Swing Coach Confirms Tiger's Sex Addiction In New Interview!

Sun, May 16, 2010 10:26am EST by 8 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

Tiger may not want to admit to being a sex addict, but the people in his life sure don’t mind spilling his secrets!

A lot has been reported on the six weeks of treatment Tiger Woods, 34, received for his sex addiction in Mississippi … but Tiger, himself, has never publicly acknowledged his addiction. But in a new interview airing tonight on The Golf Channel, his former swing coach Hank Haney pretty much spills the beans. “The only thing I knew about was his issue with the sex addiction,” Hank confesses, when asked about his knowledge of Tiger’s private life. Well, well… I guess we have our answer!

“It’s an ongoing day-to-day battle, but so far I think he’s doing a really good job,” continues Hank, who resigned as Tiger’s coach last week.

In an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi on March 21, Tiger carefully dodged questions about his addiction. “I didn’t know I was that bad,” he said. “That’s living a life of amends and that’s just working at it
 each and every day. But still, I still have a lot
 more treatment to do, and just because I’m playing, it doesn’t mean I’m
 gonna stop going to treatment.”

Now that Tiger’s “friends” are blabbing about his not-so-secret addiction, I think it’s about time Tiger makes a public statement himself!

Do you agree, BFFs?

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Posted at 8:58 PM on May 21, 2010  

I think that Tiger’s coach left when he realized that Tiger is not a changed man as he claims to be. It seems that Tiger continues to take advantage of others for his own selfish purposes. So much for going back to Buddhism! Tiger Woods is such a despicable hypocrite! It is now very evident that his big acts of contrition and repentance were all for show! Tiger is a shameless, pervert adulterer that caused too much hurt, pain and suffering to his wife and children and irreparable damage to his marriage with his selfish, reckless and sordid behavior. No decent and moral person would want to be associated with him.

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Posted at 10:20 PM on May 16, 2010  

Of course he needs to validate it! If it were only one or two, sure, he would have had an easier time of it but it still would have been unacceptable although his public image would have recovered sooner. But over a dozen.. Now the shock is over it’s now laughable at how immature he is, how spoilt, how condescending he is by not admitting it! I’m so glad his wife is divorcing him, what remains to be seen is what woman would go near him now with a ten foot pole and an STD kit!

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Posted at 7:43 PM on May 16, 2010  

he has apologized enough it is his business if he is a sex addict not ours.

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Posted at 11:26 AM on May 16, 2010  

yes Tiger does not have to say anything …it is getting old…..just let him move on with his life, he has enough to deal with every day!!!!!

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Posted at 10:42 AM on May 16, 2010  

Tiger owes us nothing – this has nothing to do with us – we are not married to him – give it a rest. He is trying to get on with his life and websites such as this one are prolonging this – get over it.

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Joy Leibbrandt

Posted at 5:22 PM on May 16, 2010  

I thoroughly agree with those that say enough already. The constant print of Tigers problems must mean more money in the pockets of these people printing & talking. Especially this coach. Give it a rest or if you must go to the prostitutes involved & let’s find out how much they have gained financially gained with their stories & why they couldn’t resist his company knowing he was married. I miss him on the golf course. Divorce him if you wish Elin but for goodness sake halt all of this by saying something that I’m sure will stop all of this trash. In some way your silence may show that there must be some fault with you along with these bombshell women,

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Posted at 6:34 AM on May 18, 2010  

What are you talking about stupid idiot ???? Elin is completely innocent and she was the only true class act in this sordid ordeal. Yes put the blame on the wife as always .
poor tiger he’s a sex addict pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase.
He’s not a sex addict he’s just an immoral repugnant immature spoiled brat who couldn’t keep in the pants. He deserves everything negative that happens to him and believe me he will get more !!!!!!

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Posted at 7:37 AM on May 18, 2010  

Zaia, I agree Elin is completely innocent in this whole episode, but you sound like a very vindictive person – what did Tiger do to you? I agree what he did is repugnant, but I thought that Elin was the one he hurt and shamed. If your name is NOT ELIN, this is of no concern to you. Get over it.

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