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The Gosselins Call A Truce! Jon & Kate Seen Together For The First Time In Months!

Tue, May 11, 2010 10:02am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

Did this really happen, or are we hallucinating? Jon & Kate set aside their differences on their sextuplets’ birthday AND Kate even let Jon come inside her house!

Jon and Kate Gosselin, we were shocked when we spotted the two of you together May 10 at your old home in Reading, Pa. Not only did that day mark your sextuplets’ sixth birthday, but it was the first time the two of you had been photographed together in months! This is the best possible birthday gift you ever could have given to AlexisAadenCollinLeahHannah, and Joel!

And to think Jon actually thought Kate wouldn’t let him see the kids on their birthday. Jon, we told you she’d let you! She even went so far as to let you inside HER house!

We know the two of you have been court ordered to attend a 3-hour parenting class in Berks County, Pa., called “Children in the Middle” but if you two can keep this up it looks as though you might not need that class after all!

Even though you’re divorced and lead separate lives, it’s important to remember your little Gosselins just want their mommy and daddy to get along. Kate, we know you’re super busy promoting your upcoming TLC reality shows, Kate Plus 8 and Twist of Kate, which are set to debut this summer.

And Jon, you’re busy wining and dining your new girlfriend of one month Ellen Ross, 23,  a Harrisburg, Pa., native who works for the local state government.

But it’s really nice to see you two coming together for what’s most important … your eight little ones!

— Chloe Melas