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Listen To This! Lindsay Lohan's New Single 'I Wanna Be Bad' Is Eerily True To Life!

Mon, May 10, 2010 9:00pm EDT by HL Intern 4 Comments


This song makes me sad, BFF’s. Not only does it strike out on every level, but it sounds like art is imitating Lilo’s life!

In case you were amped up for Lindsay Lohan’s huge musical comeback, turn your excitement dial down a notch. I just finished listening to the hard-partying starlet’s new song, “I Wanna Be Bad”, and if I looked up ‘horrible’ in the dictionary, I’m pretty sure this song title would be cross-referenced.

I really WANTED to like this song. I still find myself singing Lindsay’s first single, “Rumors”, nearly every day (laugh if you must). But that song was released before Lilo, 23, became the hot mess she is today — trips to rehab, Twitter fights with her father, falling out of nightclubs. The Lindsay of today didn’t put out something fun and catchy like “Rumors” but a boring imitation of a good pop song, which starts off with a cool train sound, but limps along like a wet noodle.

The coolest part about music is no matter who is singing it, it sparks emotion. If Lindsay wants to make a comeback, then doing it through music is an amazing way to start. But with lyrics like, “For once I wanna be that I don’t care, chick” or “Go ahead set it off, wanna be bad, gonna be bad, bad” really doesn’t show me anything I haven’t seen before, and it definitely doesn’t emote. Make believe what you’re singing, Lindsay!

When I hear Ke$ha, 23, wanting to brush her teeth “with a bottle of Jack”, or Lady Gaga, 24, wanting my “Drama, the touch of your hand”, I believe them, 110%. When I sing along, I’m singing an anthem, or even a true story. These girls ARE their songs. But not Lindsay.

Maybe I’m way off-base, BFF’s. Maybe I’m being too harsh — but I don’t think so. When it comes to this new song, I think you’ll agree this ride is worth getting off on the first stop!

— Russell Weakland



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