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Kendra, Your Sex Tape Might Boost Your Reality Show Ratings — But It Won't Help You In The Long Run!

Mon, May 10, 2010 3:11pm EDT by Add first Comment


An image expert tells that Kendra Wilkinson’s raunchy videos will actually hurt her image, not make her more marketable!

Sorry, Kendra! Your sex tape isn’t going to launch your career the same way Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton‘s dirty videos did! Unlike the two former BFFs, you actually WANTED to distribute your dirty videos at one point!

“Paris and Kim weren’t looking to open their own company, unlike Kendra. Having Home Run Productions changes the dynamic,” Los Angeles-based image expert Michael Sands tells May 10.

“This takes her into a whole other business. Kendra is going the Hugh Hefner route. She’ll become more of a Jenna Jameson. She learned from the master and has gone out on her own.”

Even though he doesn’t think the sex tape will help Kendra’s image outside of the sex market, Sands predicts the scandal will further boost the 24-year-old’s E! reality show ratings.

“I think she’s already a hit with her reality show, but this will help her,” Sands explains. “People will say, ‘Oh wow. What’s next?'”

Unfortunately, higher ratings on E! won’t translate to mainstream sponsorships, now that Kendra’s sex tape production company has been exposed, says Sands.

“Not only will this scandal not help her, it won’t wash well with the public,” he tells us. “She’s a pin-up girl. Kendra should have found another business besides sex tapes. Look at Nicole Richie — you don’t see any dirt on her anymore. She’s more viable than anybody because she went the straight route. That would have been the greatest changeover for Kendra.”

–Kirstin Benson

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