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Bonnie Says: Claudia Schiffer Your Pregnant Belly is Beautiful But Our HL Staffer Chloe Says Cover Up!

Mon, May 10, 2010 2:35pm EDT by Chloe Melas 8 Comments


Wow! Claudia who’s 39, pregnant with baby #3 and baring her seven months plus belly  on the June issue of German Vogue is an inspiration to all us women!

Thank God we live in an era, when a woman’s pregnant belly is finally allowed to be seen and NOT hidden! That barrier was only broken in 1991 when Demi Moore, pregnant with baby #2, famously appeared starkers on the cover of Vanity Fair, with only a pair of diamond earrings as accessories.

Previous to that, women were not only expected to cover their bumps, but to pretty much HIDE them under voluminous tent dresses and tops — usually with big white collars and frilly, silly bows.

Poor Princess Diana — when she was caught by paparazzi baring her bump in a bikini, white on vacation in 1982. She took a royal dubbing for daring to NOT WEAR a coverup.

I say hooray to Claudia for once again showing that a pregnant belly rude is natural and can be photographed tastefully — in this case by her good friend, uber fashion designer-photographer Karl Lagerfeld. The pair has done this so tastefully she can easily show her photo to son Caspar, 7, and daughter Clementine, 5 and they along with their dad (Claudia’s husband) film producer, Mathew Vaughn, can be proud.

And to all you mom critics out there — stripping for a mag cover DOES NOT make her a bad mom. Claudia is a loving hands-on mother, who can often be seen taking or picking up her children from school.

And isn’t promoting healthy pregnancy, a WAY more worthy cause to pose nude for than for PETA or simply for self promotion?

What do you think? HL staffer  Chloe Melas, below totally disagrees with me!

-Bonnie Fuller

Chloe Says: Claudia — Coverup! Pregnant Bellies Should Be Private NOT Public!

I don’t get why pregnant moms-to-be want to strip down and show themselves off. I’m not ignorant but seeing all that nudity in the name of art, staring out from newsstands, just makes me uncomfortable!

Pregnancy is beautiful but it should be a personal experience — not shared with the entire world. I don’t want to feel like a voyeur when I look at a fashion magazine.

And when it came to Britney Spears who appeared nude on the cover of Harpers Bazaar in Aug. 2006, to me she just looked like she’d had one too many burritos!

So listen up Claudia and other pregnant celebs with stripping on the brain — keep your clothes on! Many of us will thank you for it!

-Chloe Melas



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