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Brad & Angelina Vs. Tom & Katie! Who's The WORST Couple In Hollywood To Work For? Housekeepers Tell All!

Sun, May 9, 2010 1:54pm EDT by 42 Comments
Getty Images, FilmMagic

Getty Images, FilmMagic

You won’t believe the crazy things they make their housekeepers do!

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ house? Or how Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really conduct themselves when the public isn’t looking? We’re finally getting the answers to our questions, thanks to a few loose-lipped former housekeepers. They spilled their ex-employers’ biggest work secrets to Star magazine, and now we’re sharing them with you! Read all the crazy rules, and then vote: Who would be the WORST couple in Hollywood to work for?

Tom & Katie’s rules:

  1. Employees may NOT take photos inside the house.
  2. No one may use Tom’s gym equipment — not even Katie!
  3. No staff member, except for a hand-picked nanny, is allowed near little Suri!

Brad & Angelina’s secrets:

  1. Food, including pizza boxes, is always left out to spoil.
  2. There’s hair dye stains on the walls!
  3. Angie lets the kids color on the walls in crayon to express themselves!’
  4. The staff has to pick up Brad’s dirty underwear, paintbrushes, etc.

Jay-Z & Beyoncé‘s demands:

  1. Fresh flowers are to be delivered to their NYC suite every other day.
  2. Meals are only to be served on fine china!
  3. Her staff does all her dishes and gets her groceries.

Jennifer Aniston‘s freaky obsessions:

  1. She walks around in see-through clothing in front of her help.
  2. Employees constantly sign for packages from underwear companies.

Given this new information, tell us…

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