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Bonnie Tells You: Extensions Just Got Me The Big, Full Hair of My Dreams!

Fri, May 7, 2010 7:11pm EDT by 3 Comments
Bonnie Tells You: Extensions Just Got Me The Big, Full Hair of My Dreams!


Do you have thin, mousy hair like I do?

Have you desperately struggled every morning to pump some kind of volume into your hair? Is your best friend your round brush?

If you’ve answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then you might want to do what almost every female celebrity is already doing — according to my sources,that is — adding extensions to your hair. I decided to try this tactic after watching Kate Gosselin transform her infamous short mullet into long flowing blonde locks, especially after meeting the man responsible for Kate’s new lush hair look — celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson.

Ted, who has worked with Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Emma Watson, Zoe Saldana and more Hollywood stars, graciously offered to transform me with a relatively new type of extensions, called “Platinum Seamless,” which stick to your scalp with adhesive strips.

Ted, who is so cute and always wears some version of a pink shirt,  explained that this type of extension, which typically lasts for six weeks, doesn’t break your own hair AND you can easily wear them while working out.

My ineffective efforts to grow my own full head of long hair, were not unusual. “Most adult women CAN’T grow their hair beyond their shoulders,” he explained. “It just gets thin and breaks off.”

Well — I felt better — less loserish — just hearing that. Now watch my video which takes you through the whole extension process. First, I had my hair color and highlights freshened up to match the new extensions by totally lovey hair colorist, Jan Marie Arteca.

Then the extension process began. So watch my video to see EXACTLY how it was done, and how it looks now.

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Hair Extensions: The Cost & Care

The process at the Ted Gibson Salon varies by consultation and ranges from $500 and up.

Shampooing needs to be gentle, and you condition only the bottom six inches or so of the hair, ie you don’t want conditioner on the top of your head where the adhesives are.

Dry the adhesive area with a blow-dryer set on high cool volume so you don’t melt the adhesives. The rest of your hair can be blow-dried normally.


You will have to allow an extra 15 minutes or so to dry your hair — there’s A LOT more of it!

My Solution:

A shower cap every other day when I’m not washing, so I can avoid the task of hair-drying.

Hair Detangler:

I’ve also, found that I need to spray my hair with detangler before blow-drying. Again — it’s a lot more hair to cope with and I’m not the best at it, so the detangler has been invaluable.

Save Money Alternative:

Ted and other companies have super pretty hair clip-ons that you can wear when you want — for $150 each.

Get the hair you were meant to be born with:

Yes, the new hair has been a HUGE hit! It looks completely natural and dare I say… even SEXY!

Thank you Ted! Thank you Jan!

–Bonnie Fuller

For more info and to buy clip-in extensions and special extension friendly shampoo and conditioner, click here!