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Molly Sims Wants The End Of The Skinny Models and Plastic Surgery Era! Just Like HollywoodLife!

Wed, May 5, 2010 1:10pm EDT by 1 Comment
Getty Images

Getty Images

Molly Sims is totally on board with the mantra! Uber skinny, plastic is out! Healthy and natural is what’s IN.

You’ve heard us go on and on about how ultra-emaciated models should be a thing of the past. AND talk about how plastic surgery is totally OUT. Well, guess who agrees with us? Model, actress, and jewelry designer Molly Sims!

Molly was at the Bryant Park Hotel in NYC today talking about her new website,, and her line of gorgeous and diverse jewelry, Grayce By Molly Sims.

While talking about the inspiration for her line, Molly discussed the pressures that young women face today. “I always tell the young models I know, ‘you have to eat!'” says Molly. She admits that her time as model, when she was judged on her looks and her body has lasting effects. “I think I still have body dismorphia,” Molly said. I still buy my t-shirts too large.” But it’s not just the modeling industry that is effected! “It’s really bad to glamorize women who weigh 70 pounds,” says Molly.

She also talked about Heidi Montag and her multiple plastic surgeries.  “Heidi is a nice, normal girl from Colorado,” says Molly. “And she has F boobs! It’s sad, and I feel sorry for her. But I think it’s the pressure from our society.”

Drawing on inspiration from her mentors, and individuality of women around the country, Molly designed a collection of affordable jewelry that can make any girl feel pretty — without starvation or surgery!