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Beyoncé, Your New Song 'Why Don't You Love Me' Is Kind Of Boring… But Your Video Is Amazing! Five Stars!

Tue, May 4, 2010 3:15pm EDT by 2 Comments

I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love Beyoncé’s new character, B.B. Homemaker!

For those of you keeping score at home, Beyoncé now has two alter egos. In 2008 we were introduced to Sasha Fierce, the hand-flipping, one piece-wearing single lady we’ve all come to know and love. Now it’s time to make room for persona #2, B.B. Homemaker! Equal parts Betty Boop and Betty Draper, B.B. is the ’50s housewife you’d love to get wasted with. You got a taste of her yesterday, but now we present her to you in all her glory. Check out B.B. in Beyoncé’s new video, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” and tell me what you think!

To be totally honest, the song is a little bland for my taste. I mean, it’s fun and it’s kind of catchy, but after delivering mega-hits like “Single Ladies” and “Halo,” we expected a little more from Mrs. Jay-Z. At least the video more than makes up for the songs lack of flare. I don’t know what I like more — Beyoncé looking sultry in a bubble bath, or her looking totally bad-ass blowing smoke out of her nose.

It looks like Lady Gaga‘s wacky ingenuity must have rubbed off on Beyoncé when they shot “Telephone,” because this new video is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from her. Change is good, and I’m more than willing to welcome B.B. with open arms.

— Andy Swift