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Jon, Take a Cue From Kate — This Is How You Should Donate To Charity!

Fri, April 30, 2010 8:30pm EDT by Chloe Melas 21 Comments


While I’m thrilled to see Jon and Kate both showing off their philanthropic sides, Kate’s donation of eight car seats seemed to be a little more worthy than Jon’s donation of his autograph. What do you think?

Jon and Kate Gosselin were spotted separately giving back to their local communities April 30, but I think Jon could learn a lot about charity from his ex-wife.

Kate gathered eight  used car seats and gave them to a local non-profit organization.  So charitable!

Meanwhile,  Jon decided to make his own personal donation and, like, usual, made it all about himself!  While visiting his brother today in Frederick, Md., the octodad decided to randomly gather a group of reporters to ‘break the news’ that he planned on auctioning off his signature at $10 a pop (!!!!)  to benefit his brother’s baseball team. Um….Jon? Reality check, please.  The piece of paper would have been more useful without your name on it. Then someone could have used it!!

Jon, you really need to take a step back and learn a thing or two from your ex-wife.  Not only is Kate raising your eight little Gosselings,  but she’s out promoting a book AND filming two reality shows! It’s clear that you’re sitting around trying to come up with any way to get in front of the camera — and failing miserably!

It IS a little odd, come to think of it, that both Jon and Kate decided to be so ‘giving’ on the same day. Did Jon find out Kate donated car seats so he decided to steal her philanthropic thunder?

-Chloe Melas