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Heidi Montag Sets Off Hollywood Plastic Surgery Backlash!

Fri, April 30, 2010 3:07pm EDT by 34 Comments


Sorry Heidi — but your 10 plastic surgery procedures in a day have become a “jump the shark” moment for all of Hollywood!

Heidi Montag: your new triple D implant fembot look and immovable collagen and  botox filled face, have so horrified top casting, TV and film directors, that a backlash against too much fakery has begun!

“If your face is unproportionately filled with plastic, no one wants to hire a Mr. Potato Head,” says one film casting director.

“All the women look the same: the little noses, the big eyes, the lipo-sucked bodies, the huge breasts. EVERYONE is looking the same,” adds award winning casting director and independent producer Lauren Lloyd.

Bonnie Gillespie, founder of Cricket Feet Casting, agrees, telling me she thinks some women who feel the need to get plastic surgery in Hollywood are being “short-sided” and that many times surgery “can be distracting” when she’s casting films.

And as for Heidi and her ambitions to further her career by “perfecting” herself: “Heidi’s implants won’t help her become an actress — you still have to have talent and drive,” says Lloyd, the founder of Big TV. “She’s limited in what she can play — her plastic surgery is so obvious that she can’t play the girl next door roles.”

Whoops Heidi! I bet that’s not what you had in mind when you went under the knife to become “an upgraded version of me.” You claimed in interviews after your surgery that you were in a “cut throat industry” that necessitated your plastic makeover.

Well I can tell you that not only are casting directors not running to hire you now, but my own two teenage daughters were dumbstruck in disgust after seeing you on the premiere episode of The Hills earlier this week , unable to move your jaw to eat or talk properly. “She looks scary,” was my older daughters’ instant reaction.

Scary is exactly why television execs at Fox Broadcasting admit that they’ve actually had to recruit from as far away as Australia and Britain, in order to find more “natural” looking actors. “I think everyone either looks like a drag queen or stripper,” Marcia Shulman, who oversees casting for Fox’s scripted shows, told the New York Times, in a major feature on plastic surgery  backlash on April 27th.

Thank the Lord! This sounds great, especially because I still see photos every week of some actress or another who has inflated their lips. Just yesterday I noticed that Liz Hurley’s lips had crossed their own “jump the shark moment,” having been gradually inflated over the years in to what now look like fish lips.

Unfortunately, the plastic surgery backlash doesn’t yet go far enough in Hollywood. Most casting directors focused their revulsion on actresses indulging heavily at a young age. “We want younger stars to look natural,” says Lauren Lloyd. But she admits that the pressure is still on for actresses hitting the big 4-0. “Women are supposed to look like they are 25, no matter what age they are.”

Another feature film casting director admitted to us that if an older actress doesn’t get rid of “the gobbler-inspired turkey neck – no one wants to see them.” He advises — just don’t get too much done. “Try and keep it natural-looking.”

Got it? Natural turkey gobbler necks are out, but so are fake frozen foreheads and huge unnaturally puffy lips!

So it’s a specific plastic surgery backlash! Heidi Montag scary excess, especially for younger women, is O-U-T out. Natural-looking “work” on actresses aging over 40, is still a quiet, but essential “in.”

In the world of Hollywood — that’s progress!

–Bonnie Fuller



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