EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Halle Berry, You Handled Yourself So Well Last Night! Even In The Midst Of Heartbreak!

Fri, April 30, 2010 3:26pm EST by 9 Comments


Halle Berry looked happy and content when HollywoodLife.com saw her on the red carpet last night … We had NO IDEA she was suffering through a major break-up!

Halle Berry must be one of the strongest women in Hollywood! She knows how to hold it together — even when her heart is completely crushed!

Last night, Apr. 29, HollywoodLife.com saw her on the red carpet at the DKMS 4th Annual Gala at Cipriani in NYC — and she looked nothing less than completely stunning and seemed so happy. We were SHOCKED to learn today, Apr. 30, that Gabriel Aubrey, her boyfriend of over four years and the father of her 2 year-old daughter Nahla, just broke up with her 2 months ago!

Though Halle has had some time to get over her pain, she must have known the eye of the media storm would touch down sooner or later. Last night, she seemed prepared for anything. Smiles, laughter, and a confident stride told us — Halle WILL be able to move one, some day.

We caught Halle on film as she walked the red carpet last night. Take a look at the short clip below and tell us — do you think she looks sad?

- Lindsey DiMattina

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Posted at 2:08 AM on May 1, 2010  

I like Halle but I do think there is a problem, Something is going on why she cant keep a man.This is just to show you a pretty face dont always make you happy.I am a woman but I must admit that some of these women have big issues.like Dont want to have sex, only when they feel like. SO there men look outside, She has problems, big problems. I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD BE SAYING THIS ABOUT HER, BUT HEY SHES HAD A FEW RELATIONSHIPS THAT END BAD.GIRL GO GET SOME HELP.THIS GUY AUBREY SEEMS TO BE A VERY NICE LAID BACK KINDA GUY,I WONDER WHAT CAUSE THE BRAKE UP,SHES HAD 2 BLACK MEN, 1 BIRACIAL, AND 1 WHITE MAN. SO IT CANT BE ALL THE MENS FAULT.

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Posted at 8:22 PM on April 30, 2010  

the problem with halle berry and her severe emotional problems, especially with men, and relationship, is that she is so inauthentic.

how she can act like she is just fine, means she has no heart. she cannot be vulnerable, she will not allow herself to commit, and be vulnerable. she is so stuck, this is why gabriel wanted to move on. he has high integrity to break it off first. what man wants to play house with a woman who cant commit and open her heart…their poor child…what about gabriel…all these years, and she refused to marry him , and all for her selfish reasons. what are those….her fear, because she is such a mess, from her past, and she is unwilling to get help. that is her problem , and no man, and no child should have to suffer because of her problems. he was smart to move on and get a life with an authentic woman who can be vulnerable, commit, and will marry him.he wanted that originally.her arrogance is such a defense to her wounding, it is so obvious.

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Posted at 5:30 PM on April 30, 2010  

why on earth would anyone stay with Benet? Benet went Jesse James and Tiger Woods on Halle Berry

she;just like the other women are beautiful and successful.Elin Woods did graduate from University in Sweden so she is not some pretty face and ZERO mind

Putt Putt you sound completely IGNORANT unless English isn’t your first language but still google your native language into English;it’s easy

You seem to be judging Berry while you don’t know her.

Halle Berry looks “fade” ? I bet you would give your 2 nuts or 2 mellons for your mom to look like THAT!

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Posted at 8:27 PM on April 30, 2010  

listen, fred, you have no idea of the reality here, it has nothing to do with looks…the sickness in these womens minds though, has caused a lot of harm to these relationships as well. the men get blamed a lot,,,and the pretty women seem to be left out of that, but these women are no less sick then the men. elin is a real sicko now. tiger and jesse have gone to rehab and are getting help now and ongoing. sandra and jesse are working things out amicably. halle berry needs help badly re: relationships with men. gabriel probably got done with her shallowness to defend her major wounds. these women need help…..not improving their looks. this is so not important in the big picture. your view is off….

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Posted at 11:53 AM on May 1, 2010  

Here is sombody always hacking on the women….wonder why? that they are sick etc. in Halles case the show must go on, this is showbusiness…..would you like her to break down on the red carpet, come on now……when it is over it is o v e r …….no questions asked!!!!

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Posted at 4:18 PM on April 30, 2010  

Okay so it is over …it happens everyday all over the world

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putt putt

Posted at 4:05 PM on April 30, 2010  

Cannot be denied.. short black hair. no blonde wigs, or any other color..just gorgeous woman. No argument from me.

But—–Halle’s problem is that she is not the kind of wife a man wants. She chose her life as a movie star above all else and now she has to pay the price. He get big time palimony or alimony..He never loved her. I saw it in his eyes. She wanted a baby..the little girl is ok looking. Won’t be a beauty.. because Halle is more of an Indian looking woman she is just exquisite she should have stayed with Eric Benet..anyway.. I wonder is she is stuck up on her gorgeousness? Halle honey looks fade…if you live long enough.

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Posted at 8:30 PM on April 30, 2010  

halle could never be a wife, because she is not well emotionally. she defends that she will never marry again, but she doesnt tell the truth. it is because she is an emotional mess inside, and she wont get help. that is the truth. why do you think she attracted a sex addict like benet. water seeks its level. she is scared of marriage, but is arrogant about it. until she gets help, she will never have a relationship that works. problem is it hurts these children, and it is happening way, way too much. these people are not married, they dont stay together, and the kids are raised by one parent. they end up, usually, not having much of a dad around. this is downright not fair for the child. these people are narcissists. all of them.

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Posted at 3:32 PM on April 30, 2010  

Maybe they both saw it coming for a while and it is not news to her.

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