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EXCLUSIVE: WHAT YOU DIDN’T SEE ON TV: Lady Gaga Gets Raunchy On The ‘American Idol’ Stage!

Thu, April 29, 2010 9:30am EDT by 10 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

On the scene report: Lady Gaga may not have performed live last night, but she treated lucky audience members to a sexy, scandalous performance. So Gaga!

After watching Siobhan Magnus get the boot from American Idol April 28, the audience was despondent…but not for long! Minutes after her departure, Cory, the warm-up guy announced that we’d be in for a special treat….Lady Gaga was in the house and pre-taping a performance!

And what a performance it was! Let me paint a picture for you: a pitchfork lifted a giant fire-shooting silver angel onto the stage. There were razor-blade benches, dangerous looking trees and a piano covered in shrubbery. But hey, that’s Gaga.

There were eight hard-bodied male dancers scantily clad in what looked to be black Spanx – each guy wore a black glove as well, a la Michael Jackson. They writhed and gyrated to the music before the lady herself took to the stage wearing a black bra, garters and underwear covered by some filmy gauze. Her butt cheeks were on full display, but at least she kept her girls covered!

I have to tell you, I wasn’t the biggest Gaga fan on the planet (in fact, I couldn’t stand her). But after watching her perform last night, I’m slowly changing my mind. She was AWESOME. She sang a few minutes of “Bad Romance” before launching into her newest hit, “Alejandro.” And let me tell you, it was HOT!

Naturally, there was a lot of drama, a lot of seduction and a TON of skin. But surprisingly, the gimmicks are completely superfluous – her vocals are so strong that she doesn’t need any bells and whistles.

But the real question is, what will America think of her racy performance on next week’sAmerican Idol? Is Gaga too hot for America to handle?


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