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Did Kim Kardashian Get Plastic Surgery? Experts Think So!

Wed, April 28, 2010 1:07pm EDT by 56 Comments

Experts say that Kim K had her nose and boobs done along with Botox and Fillers in her cheeks and along her nose. Could this be true?

Is Kim Kardashian‘s beauty is all natural? Or has she had a little help?

Experts think that Kim’s not 100% real, and that surgery and other procedures were necessary for her to look the way she does now! Just compare Kim’s new look to what she looked like in 2006.  “This cannot be done from makeup alone,” makeup artist Lynda Eichner told inTouch. “She’s had her nose and boobs done, and gotten Botox,” confirmed another source close to Kim.

Kim denies having work done — but, her facial expression suggests that she’s had help in the beauty department! “Her face doesn’t animate much, which happens when you get Botox,” said Plastic surgeon Dr. Jay Granzow. “She looks like she’s had fillers in her cheeks and alongside her nose.”

Even though Kim claims that she hasn’t undergone any other procedure but cellulite reduction treatments, Celebrity Image expert Michael Sands thinks, “Kim is always catering to her public image” and “competition in the reality TV market makes stars like Kim believe they need to get plastic surgery to be accepted and be the most beautiful.”

Is it possible that Kim’s appearance can only be credited to exercise and a push-up bra?

Though she claims she hasn’t done it yet, Kim has admitted that “I would definitely get surgery one day. I think every woman needs a lift!”

We’ve reached out to Kim’s rep, who hasn’t returned our request for comment.

– Lindsey DiMattina



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