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EXCLUSIVE! 'High Society’ Star Devorah Rose Says 'We Are All Clearly Bananas' On The Show!

Wed, April 28, 2010 5:45pm EDT by 2 Comments


The CW reality star dishes about Tinsley, throwing champagne at Jules, and the possibility of a second season! Are you going to tune in to the finale tonight?

Queen Bees and sisters Tinsley Mortimer and Dabney Mercer rule the New York social scene in CW’s High Society — but it’s magazine editor and socialite Devorah Rose who is making waves with viewers. As Tinsley’s supposed former friend and current archrival, Devorah brings the drama wherever she goes. spoke with her to get the inside story about what life’s really like in New York Society. Devorah even admits, “I threw champagne at [cos-star Jules Kirby] … and then nailed her with the glass for good measure!” Ouch!

High Society features some of the wildest antics ever shown on reality television. Are society girls really as wacky as they appear on the show? Or are they just making television?

Well, we’re all clearly bananas since we choose to live like this. The New York social scene is a world that is event and photograph driven. It’s about having the right friends, the right dress, the right pose —all surface and no substance. Imagine the movie Heathers with more money, more cameras, higher stakes, and girls who are even more insecure. There is one particular line from Heathers that pretty much sums up the Manhattan social scene: “She’s my best friend. God, I hate her.”

What’s the toughest pressure when you’re part of New York society?

For me, the toughest part is taking it seriously and for a lot of other girls it’s the opposite. There are real problems in the world – from poverty to hunger to human trafficking – and sometimes people get so distracted by the flashing lights that they forget about those things.

How do you feel about putting your life on Reality TV?

What you see on the CW is just a snippet of my life, but somehow it ends up being all the most insane moments. Unfortunately, I really did throw champagne at Jules and then nailed her with the glass for good measure. It’s not the kind of behavior that I’m most proud of but I was defending myself. It’s twenty minutes of nonstop action and that’s what sells, so what’s a girl to do?

What is the most fun thing about being part of the inner circle in NYC?

There are nights I’ve had in this city that I can’t even believe happened. You could start the night in a bad mood because you have to go to a party with one of your frenemies, and by the end of the night that person may have shown a new side of themselves and earned the right to be considered a true friend. Unfortunately, the opposite can be true as well. Each night is kind of like a box of chocolates.

What’s the drama with you and Tinsley’s friendship? How close were you?

I’m so tired of this topic. Okay, here goes – I worked with the girl when I put her on my cover, she sent me invites, we hung out at parties, I did her favors, she gave me advice a couple of times which I appreciated, we emailed and kept in touch, the friendship petered out and I started spending a lot more time and became better friends with her sister. It’s not even a big deal. But what I find ridiculous is that she started acting as though she didn’t even know me. She wasn’t being genuine and she knew it. If we were actually strangers like she pretended, then she wouldn’t email, text, share invites, pose for pictures together, or have anything to do with me. The thing about me is that I don’t let people get away with lies or take advantage of me. When someone does something wrong, they should expect to get called out on it.

We heard that there is a second season of High Society in the Hamptons, are you excited?

Well, the Hamptons are my turf. I’ve got two houses out on the East End – The Social Life Estate and a more private home in Southampton. It’s my neighborhood and I love it. I know everyone there and the location shift definitely gives me more leverage. I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be intense.



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