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Kim Kardashian, Long-Distance Love Sucks — You Definitely Need To Date An American Athlete! But Who?

Tue, April 27, 2010 9:50pm EDT by 11 Comments

A sports expert tells who the most eligible (and hottest) athletes on the market are — and why they’d be good BF’s for Kim! Check out our ‘draft picks’ here!

Cristiano Ronaldo is hot and all, but Spain is NOT a prime location for love when you’re living in California. So although Kim Kardashian and the Real Madrid soccer player may seem like a perfect match on paper, we think she needs to start boy scouting in her own country before she heads to foreign locales.

Because the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star seems to have a thing for athletes — in addition to her dalliance with Cristiano, 25, she just split from NFL player Reggie Bush in March after nearly three years of dating — we consulted a sports expert to give her draft picks on the next dude Kim, 29, should play ball with!

“Cristiano would have made a good choice, but he’s a little impractical,” Jenn Sterger, co-host on sports network Versus’ Daily Line program, tells “With his schedule and hers being so busy, long-distance won’t work. I try to keep guys I’m dating in the same country, or on the same continent at least.”

So if not Cristiano, then who?

#1 Matt Leinart, 26. Dated frenemy Paris Hilton. Check. Is the heir apparent for the 2010 Arizona Cardinals quarterback. Check. Played ball with Kim’s ex-BF Reggie Bush at USC, so at least he’s familiar! “Matt is the obvious choice,” Jenn says. “He likes the spotlight, and they know each other already. A win-win.”

#2 Ryan Howard, 30. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s healthy — and he knows his way around a diamond (both figuratively and metaphorically — he just signed a 5 year, $125 million deal with the Philadelphia Phillies)! “Kim seems to be concerned about keeping her diet in check. Ryan’s got a great deal with Subway, and she could totally fit that in with her Quick Trim situation.” Loves it.

#3 Tim Tebow, 22. He played college ball just like Reggie, 25, is arguably the college quarterback of all time, and is super-religious, just like Kim! “Kim could use a little salvation up north because of the whole sex tape thing,” Jenn says of the Denver Broncos quarterback. “He’s out in Denver, so that’s definitely enough distance from LA!”

#4 Alexander Mikhaylovich Ovechkin, 24. The Washington Capitals hockey player is a bad boy, and sexy as hell. He and Kim would make one freakin’ gorgeous couple! “She likes bad boys, “Jenn agrees. “And he’s a REAL bad boy. He’s always suspended for one thing or another. But I’ll tell you, hockey players are great because they’re fixer-uppers. With a little plastic surgery and a good dentist, they’re OK.”

— Laura Schreffler