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Tiki Barber — The Slimeball Is Slapped With Divorce Suit After Partying While Pregnant Wife Laidup in Hospital!

Tue, April 27, 2010 9:56am EDT by Chloe Melas 11 Comments
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Getty Images

Tiki Barber, onetime NFL hero  is facing a divorce suit after  heartlessly leaving his 8 months-pregnant wife, Ginny, hospital-ridden while he wined and dined his 23 three year-old mistress, for a week!

Tiki Barber — have you no shame or any concern at all for your estranged wife of 11 years, who used to be your best friend and biggest supporter? Obviously not. You were spotted all over New York City, reports the New York Post, with  23 year-old Traci Lynn Johnson, the former college student turned NBC intern  who you preferred over your wife, two little boys and the twins on the way.

Not only that, you’ve been lowballing Ginny in out-of-court negotiations over financial support, a family friend told the NYPost. ” Tiki refused to give her anything close to what she needs,” the friend told the paper. Guess it’s more important to buy expensive gifts, clothing  and take her out to dinner, than take care of sons AJ, 7, Chasen, 6 and  your new babies, Tiki. No wonder our readers voted you THE WORST Dad of 2010 by a wide margin with 55 per cent of the vote. You easily beat out Jon Gosselin and  Tiger Woods.

The divorce papers were filed in the Manhattan Supreme Court Apr. 26 citing “adultery.” Tiki surprised his wife with news about his affair when he told her he was moving out last fall and into a midtown lovenest. Until, he dropped that bomb on pregnant Ginny, the former football star, who had spoken out about his own father’s philandering, had never dropped a hint to Ginny, that he was unhappy with their marriage, a source told

It’s not surprising that NBC has suspended Tiki from his two jobs as a Sports and Today show correspondent after news about his scandalous behavior broke. Reports are surfacing that the Today show has fired Tiki but NBC and Tiki both will not comment.

Ginny is now home at her Upper East Side apartment and according to sources close to her, she’s very upset – no surprise.

“It’s been an emotional time for her,” says the source. “She is, of course, worried about the health of her unborn twins. It’s a lot to deal with and she is still being closely monitored by her doctors.”

We wish you well Ginny. Hopefully your louse of an ex will PAY bigtime!