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Lindsay, You're Still Out Shopping When You're Totally Broke! Are You Nuts?

Tue, April 27, 2010 9:31am EDT by 1 Comment

Lindsay, you’re $600,000 in debt! Think with your head — not your wallet!

Now here’s a familiar sight: Lindsay Lohan, we saw you treating yourself to a little retail therapy Apr. 26 in Beverly Hills, totally denying the MASSIVE credit card debt you’ve been accruing. According to reports, you owe a whopping $600,000 to creditors — and considering you’ve just been dropped from your latest movie The Other Side, your future isn’t exactly looking green. Come on, Lindsay, it’s time to get serious about your finances.

The fact that you were dropped from The Other Side because you weren’t “bankable” enough should tell you two things: Not only are you not going to be making money for yourself, but you’re also not credible enough to make money for anyone else! It’s also been reported that you were two months late paying your rent! TMZ learned that you received a legal noticed telling you to fork over $23,000 to your landlord in back rent payments. I’m not even going to bring up the fact that you’ve been accused of stealing a $35,000 Rolex! (OK, fine, I guess I will bring it up.)

You keep saying you’re OK, but maybe you need to finally listen to the people around you instead of relying on your own instincts. Look where it’s gotten you so far!