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Not Shocking! Tiger HAPPIER at Home WITHOUT Elin! He's a Party Boy!

Fri, April 23, 2010 9:48am EDT by Chloe Melas 12 Comments, Getty Images, Getty Images

When Elin and the kids are away, Tiger plays! Seems like old times!

Tiger Woods isn’t sitting home alone, crying tears of loneliness for his estranged wife Elin Nordegren, who has taken little Sam, 2,  and Charlie, 1,  to Sweden for several weeks. No, it appears he’s having a grand time at home in his gated community in Isleworth, Florida.His house has been packed with friends and business associates, day and night and his driveway is full of cars, according to Radaronline. “This is not a man sitting around depressed about his marriage. Tiger is getting on with his life without Elin,” says their source. Tiger even went golfing with his NBA buddy Michael Jordan on Apr. 20 and Apr. 21.

Why is this not surprising? Elin had barely boarded the plane to Sweden on Mon. April 19th, before he headed with friends to an Orlando restaurant/ bar, and attended a Nickelback concert. Tiger is clearly done with playing the part of shamed cheater husband who is desperate to reform and win his family back. Instead- he’s going back to his old habits – going out and partying WITHOUT Elin. Hmm! Tiger – when are you fitting in your meditating and focusing on your core values?

No wonder Elin boarded a private plane and  headed for her native Sweden. The blonde beauty is currently renovating her $3 million mansion that’s located on an island near Stockholm — she purchased the home in December.

And no wonder Elin met with a divorce lawyer Apr. 14 for several hours and reportedly  had two subsequent meetings. Divorce attorneys that has consulted have said that it is a good divorce negotiation strategy for Kate to be FAR away from Tiger , while lawyers hammer out an agreement, so that Tiger is less likely to try and talk to her about it directly.  The pair have been barely talking anyway since Elin is reportedly so convinced that Tiger ISN’T committed to becoming a changed man.

You know what Elin, despite weeks in sex rehab it looks like  you’re absolutely right – as though Tiger is back to his party-boy ways!

Bonnie Fuller