Kellan Lutz Doesn't Know His Own Strength! Sends Co-Star Jackson Rathbone To Hospital While Filming 'Eclipse'!

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Remember when Jackson was injured on-set last September? It turns out that his on-screen brother punched him a wee bit too hard by accident!

Kellan Lutz doesn’t know his own strength! The Twilight hottie accidentally injured his onscreen brother, Jackson Rathbone, while shooting a scene for Eclipse last September!

“Jackson got punched in the head by Kellan, of all people!” Nikki Reed, who plays the boys’ onscreen sister, Rosalie Hale, said during a live chat with co-stars Bryce Dallas Howard and Julia Jones April 23. “They were doing this fight scene and Kellan accidentally took a swing at Jackson; his timing was off and Jackson went to the hospital!” The 21-year-old actress added of her hunky co-star, who plays Emmett, the biggest and brawniest of the Cullen vampires, “I would NOT want to get punched by Kellan!”

A rep for Summit Entertainment acknowledged 25-year-old Jackson’s (who plays vamp Jasper Hale) injury last year, saying, “Actor Jackson Rathbone of the Twilight Saga movies was slightly injured yesterday during a fight scene rehearsal. As a precaution, he was driven to the hospital and checked out by a doctor. He’s fine and is back at work on the set of Eclipse.”

Yeah, merely a flesh wound. Vampires should be used to that, no?

Still, we’re with Nikki! We wouldn’t want to be punched by Kellan, 25, either! We’d much rather ogle those rippling muscles than feel their force!

— Laura Schreffler

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