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Are The Lohans The Most Dysfunctional Family In Hollywood?

Fri, April 23, 2010 8:30pm EDT by 1 Comment

Given that Michael just called the police on Lindsay, saying it was for her ‘own good’, we have to ask: are their crazier families than the Lohans in Tinseltown? Our experts say no!

When you think ‘Lohan’, you think ‘drama.’ You name it, they’ve done it! Drugs, sex, rock ‘n roll, rehab, petty crime, bisexuality, divorce — their lives are like a soap opera! The latest in a string of crazy shenanigans: patriarch Michael Lohan, 49, called the cops on his oldest daughter, Lindsay, 23, in order to heroically “save” his youngest, Ali, from Lindsay’s bad influence. Meanwhile, mom Dina is firing back and saying Lindsay is “100 percent not [a bad influence].” Yikes!

So we asked the experts who THEY thought was the craziest family in H-Wood — and all signs point to the Lohans!

“Between the calls to the police from the parents, the rehab, the public dysfunction, clearly the Lohans are struggling,” says Dr. Jen Berman, author of The A to Z Guide To Raising Happy, Confident Kids. “As humorous as it is for the public, they really are a family that’s in a lot of pain. I think the sad part is that the dysfunctions start from the ground up, the mom and dad’s dysfunctional relationship is the one to blame.”

Agrees psychotherapist Alyson Mischel, “The Lohans have their issues; they are definitely the most dysfunctional.”

But are the girls really in trouble? An addiction specialist tells us both Lindsay and her 16-year-old sister need help! “Yes, I would definitely have an interventionist come in and talk with [Ali and Lindsay],” Marty Brenner, a Beverly Hills-based addiction specialist tells “Michael had no other choice because he’s a father who is concerned about his daughters. As dad, we get really concerned and go after our kids.”

Alyson also agrees, but thinks Michael should have taken a slightly different approach. “Intervention like that is the right thing to do, but given Lindsay’s celebrity, it definitely wasn’t in her best interest. He is a media whore himself and was definitely doing it for the attention. By making it such a public event, he made it more about himself then his daughters, and ultimately Lindsay is the one with the problem.”

So the experts agree: the Lohans are certainly the most dysfunctional family in Hollywood. But who are the runners up? Take a look at our three most dysfunctional Hollywood families and tell us who YOU think is the craziest!

– Lindsay and Michaels both have DUIs
– Lindsay’s been to rehab THREE separate times
– Michael was in jail for 2 ½ years
– Michael is currently engaged to a former tabloid reporter who is a few years older than Lindsay!

– David’s ex-wife, Pamela Bach, was sentenced to 90 days in jail for a DUI
– David has a history with alcoholism, including alcohol poisoning in 2009 which lead to temporary loss of visitation rights from his daughters
– Lengthy history of domestic abuse

– Nick Hogan served 8 months in jail for car crash, causing one of his passengers to remain a vegetable for the rest of his life
– After divorcing Hulk, Linda found a boyfriend 30+ years younger than her!
– Hulk cheated on Linda, resulting in their divorce

— Allison McNamara

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