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EXCLUSIVE! Jesse James, Kiss Your Career Goodbye! Hollywood Industry Bigwigs Tell us It Would Be 'Corporate Suicide' To Hire You!

Thu, April 22, 2010 5:05pm EDT by 9 Comments
inset: Getty Images

inset: Getty Images

TV and film producers, an agent AND an image expert tell that because Jesse cheated on America’s Sweetheart Sandra Bullock AND is an alleged anti-Semite, it will be nearly impossible for him to work in Tinseltown again!

Even though Jesse James was never going to win any popularity awards, it seemed as if the bad boy biker had finally been accepted into the Hollywood ‘in-crowd.’ However, since cheating on his Oscar-winning wife, Sandra Bullock, with a reported 15 mistresses and displaying some anti-Semitic behavior, several Hollywood industry insiders say Jesse can kiss those days of acceptance goodbye!

“Sandra is America’s sweetheart, so now Jesse is completely vilified. But beyond that, his [alleged] mistress, [Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee], is a suspected Nazi. He two-timed Sandra, but also declared himself an anti-Semite,” an established television producer told us, referring to the now-infamous photo of Jesse giving a “Heil Hitler” salute. “Mel Gibson can’t even get hired and he made ONE anti-Semitic comment. The bottom line in Hollywood is: what is going to make the money? Jesse James has no supporters. It would be corporate suicide to hire him.”

Not only will Jesse, 41, be a difficult hire, one agent says it will hard — if not impossible — for the Monster Garage star to find quality representation.

“Would I rep him? Absolutely not,” said the A-list agent, who chose to remain off-the-record. “Even with all of the buzz around him because of the scandal, it wouldn’t be worth the effort to try and recover his image. Whatever could be gained would be too little, too late.”

Jesse’s alleged Nazi memorabilia (which reportedly includes a surf board with a photo of Hitler and a swastika) will scar his image for years to come — but his wife, Sandra, will be spared any lasting industry judgment because she has so obviously distanced herself from both the situation and Jesse, insiders say.

“Sandra doesn’t need to speak to any of this,” a movie producer reiterated to us. “She doesn’t need to defend him. She just needs to stay away.”

Image expert Michael Sands agrees Sandra, 45, should NOT discuss the anti-Semitic accusations that have been hurled at her estranged husband. “This doesn’t have anything do with Sandy,” Sands tells us. “This has to do with one person setting up one very specific red flag. [Jesse] obviously thinks he’s bigger than life and can do no wrong.”

What will it take for Jesse to make nice with the Hollywood community?

“Time. Calculated PR. And then he has to walk the walk,” the second producer said, explaining Jesse will only make a comeback if he cleans up his act, meaning he must stop cheating and being associated with nasty memorabilia. “For the time being though, Jesse is going to be a bit of a pariah.”

–Kirstin Benson

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