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OMG — Lindsay Lohan's Dad Just Sent The Sheriff To Her Home To Try & Take Her Sister Ali Away From Her!

Thu, April 22, 2010 3:26pm EDT by 12 Comments (2) (2)

Lindsay Lohan’s father is so worried about his daughters that he actually sent the police to Lindsay’s Los Angeles home — but she just wants him to stop interfering in her life!

Michael Lohan says he wants what’s best for both his daughters — which is allegedly his rationale behind sending the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department to Lindsay Lohan’s Los Angeles apartment today, April 22.

“This is about Ali and her welfare. Ali is 16 and Dina has no right allowing Ali to be in such elements Lindsay can twitter all she wants,” Michael, 49, wrote on his Twitter page in response to a series of tweets from his oldest daughter, who was outraged at finding her dad and a slew of policemen in her apartment.

“OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no choice but to make this public, due to my sister’s safety as well as my own. “my ex-dad” just WALKED INTO MY APT like the devil’s advocate with officers,” the 23-year-old starlet wrote on her Twitter page April 22. at noon PST.

Lindsay, who’s at her LA home with younger sister Ali is BEYOND furious by her father’s intrusion. “My lawyer isn’t answering I NEED A RESTRAINING ORDER! MY SISTER AND FRIEND TOO!!!!! HE’S NUTS!!!!”

It didn’t stop there, either. She posted minutes later, “Thank g-d for my mommy…w/out her I wouldn’t even know myself,” she tweeted. “when will it ever end…it’s been going on my whole life with him – hasn’t he caused enough pain?”

Michael is concerned that Lindsay’s recent erratic behavior, will negatively influence her 16-year-older sister, but Lindsay maintains it’s her dad that needs the help. “he has NEVER paid child support, and is marrying a tabloid writer and can barely spell his own name due to his “brain” that has been ruined due to HIS drug use,” she wrote, adding, “let’s not forget, that my father KIDNAPPED me from a COURT ROOM when i was 4 years old and is CRAZY.”

Although the police left Lindsay’s apartment, they’ll be back if Michael has anything to say about it. Michael is clearly taking Dr. Drew’s recent comments to heart (he told RadarOnline, “If she were my daughter, I would pack her car full with illegal substances, send her on her way, call the police, and make sure she was arrested.”) Perhaps the fact that Linsday skipped her deposition this morning for her 2007 joyride down a California freeway was the final straw for Michael, who clearly wants his daughter to get help. He told HollyScoop that he is now going to L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services in order to try to obtain a Britney Spears-esque conservatorship over his daughter. “She needs help and I won’t stop until she gets it!” he said.

No matter how this shakes down, it isn’t going to be pretty.

— Laura Schreffler

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