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HOT DEBATE! HollywoodLifers Disagree About Michael Lohan's Motives — But Everyone Agrees Lindsay Is A HOT Mess!

Thu, April 22, 2010 7:59pm EDT by 2 Comments


Whether or not you think Michael Lohan is doing the right thing by trying to get Ali away from her older sister, you all came to the same consensus: Lindsay needs help ASAP!

Lindsay Lohan has been spiraling out of control for almost as long as we can remember — but HollywoodLifers are STILL pulling for LiLo to get herself back on track.

You guys lit up the comment boards earlier today when Lindsay, 23, and her dad, Michael, engaged in a brutal Twitter war over her 16-year-old sister, Ali. Although some of you think Poppa Lohan should step in and take control, and others think he’s just as screwed up as his daughter — everyone agrees Lindsay needs to get her life together. Here our some of our favorite comments from both sides of the debate!

Says nomamadrama, “Her Father is not the one to give help or advise and should know it. “mommy” should not have made her a “disney kid”. It does not really matter as it appears that she’s smarter than both. Can someone of maturity enter the picture and get her help?”

Commenter Holly sides more with Michael than Lindsay’s mom, Dina, writing, “Lindsay needs help. There’s no other way around it. But she has to want to get help or it won’t happen. If you don’t want help you won’t get better. I know Michael Lohan’s actions don’t always seem that great, but I think he genuinely cares about her and is worried like everyone else that she will die. And if she does die, what do you think everyone will say,”where were the parents”. Now everyone sees her dad trying to help, but then her mom is nowhere to be found, but yet if she is trying to help and people see it in the news and whatnot then everyone will just say oh she’s just trying to be famous. There’s no win win in this. Lindsay is so far gone. And it’s a sad thing, because I really enjoyed her movie Mean girls and hoped she would make another good one too, but only time will tell.”

Meanwhile, gbtw thinks Michael is just as bad as Lindsay. “michael is insane and his motives are always suspect, but, frankly, ali shouldn’t be hanging out alone with lindsay if the rumors of her drug/alcohol use are true. she’s 16. the only good that can come of it is ali (hopefully) realizing what not to do with her life, what not to be, what drugs/alcohol can do to your chances at success, etc. lindsay is a cold mess, and the best she can be to ali is a positive anti-role model,” gbtw wrote.

–Kirstin Benson

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