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Elin: Lawyers Say Staying in Sweden Could Be Worth $300 Million to You! Her Divorce Strategy Revealed!

Thu, April 22, 2010 3:44pm EDT by 7 Comments, Getty Images, Getty Images

Now that new reports say Elin Nordegren is almost certainly divorcing her cheating husband Tiger Woods, we’ll be seeing a lot less of her. Elin’s trip to Sweden with the kids isn’t just a vacation: it’s all part of her strategy to win half of Tiger’s estimated $670 million fortune.

Staying out of sight in Sweden and letting the lawyers handle all the gruesome details of the divorce will benefit both Elin and the children emotionally and monetarily. In Sweden, Tiger has less access to her. Everything will be decided by the lawyers.

It’s in Elin’s best interest to stay quiet to negotiate the best possible settlement. She may have signed a pre-nup when she married Tiger that stated she would only receive $20 million after ten years of marriage, but in light of Tiger’s indiscretions and how valuable Elin’s support has been in rehabilitating his image, Tiger could opt to rip up the prenup and negotiate with Elin on her terms.

Experts estimate that Elin could receive as much as $100,000-$200,000 a month in child support and alimony. That would be between $1.2 and $2.4 million a year.

“I expect Elin will get a multimillion dollar alimony package, ownership of the Sweden property (estimated to to cost $3 million) and the Orlando home, and an astronomical child support payment that will be comprised of a percentage of Tiger’s income,” explains divorce and trial attorney Stacy Schneider, author of He Had It Coming: How to Outsmart Your Husband and Win Your Divorce.  “Even if there’s a pre-nup, I presume Tiger will allow Elin to get a larger award than was previously agreed to, because she stuck out the marriage through his rehab and press conference. This greatly which helped his public image, and he should reward her in kind. Tiger’s lawyers should also require her to sign a confidentiality clause so she can’t sell the story of their marriage and his infidelity or write a book about it later.”

According to Florida law, in a non-contested divorce, the wife is entitled to equitable distribution of her husband’s income generated during their marriage.

Prior to the scandal, Tiger earned around $110 million a year in endorsements alone. That means during their six year marriage Tiger brought in an income of $660 million, half of which should be Elin’s if Tiger throws away the pre-nup.

“There is plenty of money to go around. Tiger is going to have to take the pain and write a check in order to move on with his life,” explains Florida divorce attorney Jeff Miller.

Elin is very important to Tiger’s future image and his future image is very important to his future earning power. By keeping Elin happy, Tiger can preclude her from spilling all of the nasty details only she has been privy to during their marriage.

“The quid pro quo is going to be that she cant speak about him or write a tell all,” explains divorce attorney and founder of Vicki Ziegler. “She knows more than we know and she could cripple his career forever. I think his reputation depends on her keeping quiet.  He is more concerned with his image than with saving his marriage so it makes sense for him to pay up.”

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