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EXCLUSIVE! Sandra's Actor Friend Tells Us She'll Bounce Back From Her Husband’s Cheating Scandal Stronger Than Ever!

Wed, April 21, 2010 3:58pm EDT by Add first Comment


Sandra Bullock’s two-time co-star, Ric Reitz, tells exclusively why America’s sweetheart will not only survive, but THRIVE, despite her marriage scandal!

After learning that her husband of five years had cheated, Sandra Bullock became a virtual recluse, emerging only once since the news of Jesse James’ multiple affairs broke March 17. But even though the Academy Award winner may feel like her life is at an all-time low right now, the actress’ two-time co-star, Ric Reitz, tells he’s positive she’ll not only bounce back, but come back stronger and more popular than ever!

“I think Sandra has a much stronger future. America’s sweetheart won an Oscar and STILL became an underdog,” says Ric — an actor who worked with Sandra on 1992’s Love Potion No. 9 and the 2000 drama 28 Days. “I think her popularity will not be changed at all…it may even grow as a result.”

When Ric, 54, first met Sandra, she was only 28-years-old and new to stardom. “She was a sweetheart. Very quiet,” the actor recalls of his time on the Love Potion set. What sets Sandy apart from the other A-list actresses Ric knows is, ironically, her humility. Even after she became a major movie star, he says Sandra was as sweet and normal as ever.

“She was still kind to me, even though by then she had become a superstar,” Ric raves. “She was always lovely. Obviously she was a lot more self-confident…but she is genuine. The number of zeros at the end of her paycheck did not change her.”

Although Ric hasn’t seen his former co-star since news of Jesse’s alleged 15 mistresses broke, he doesn’t doubt that Sandra, 45, will survive this scandal and come back stronger than ever. “Maybe she has had a bit of a bad streak, but she’ll survive this,” he promises. “She’s returning to some of the best work of her life.”

–Kirstin Benson

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