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Kendra: I Can't Lose My Baby Pooch — 'I Wish My Body Was The Same!' EXPERT Says What She Should Do!

Wed, April 21, 2010 9:57am EDT by 5 Comments
GSI Media

GSI Media

Yes, losing baby fat is an emotional journey, but the fact that Kendra “loves pepperoni pizza, and can’t stick to salad,” may not be helping!

Losing weight is tough enough after a pregnancy, but even more so for an x-Playboy bunny who expects her bod to be just as hot as before! Kendra Wilkinson, who gave birth to her son Hank Baskett IV four months ago on Dec. 11, can’t lose the weight fast enough and it’s taking an emotional toll on her esteem! “My body is definitely not the way it used to be,” she told Life & Style. “Sometimes it’s hard to face the reality of it, to look in the mirror and wish my body was the same!”

Well, for Kendra, she needs to realize that SHE JUST HAD a baby, and NOTHING will be the same ever again, especially her body. But, there are some things she can do to speed up the process of loosing her pooch, specifically, modify the way she’s approaching her weight loss routine.

“I’m working with a trainer, but I told him I’m not a dieter,” Kendra admitted. And, “I love pepperoni pizza, and I can’t stick to salad.”

It’s great that Kendra is working with someone  — a personal trainer — that can provide emotional support and motivation during this trying process, but she does need to learn to balance her dietary regimen with her workouts. If she wants to eat her favorite snacks like pizza, ice cream, chili dogs, and burritos, she has to do so in proportion.

“My clients eat 1 ounce of dark chocolate with a handful of raspberries, and they’re satisfied for the next three hours,” explained celebrity nutritionist Christine Avanti to Life & Style.

That is exactly the mentality that Kendra needs to harness. She does realize that she has “a long way to go,” and she’s perfectly right. She just needs to focus on being a new mom right now and we’re sure the rest of it will fall into place.

And, if she needs to suck it in until then like she did for her post-baby body photo shoot, working on taping her new series of work out videos is a bonus to help her get back her hot bod!

– Lindsey DiMattina