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Poor Sandra! Jesse's Employees Called Her His 'Big Hitter' & Laughed Behind Her Back!

Wed, April 21, 2010 8:30am EDT by 11 Comments

Jesse, not only did you cheat on your wife, but you let your employees make fun of her — that’s so nasty of you!

Sandra, it’s really time to ditch your loser hubby, Jesse James! The stories just keep getting worse and worse. On top of having an alleged 15 mistresses, a new report says that Jesse let the employees at his bike shop, West Coast Choppers, openly laugh at his wife behind her back.

“They joked about Sandra being his sugar mommy and called her his Big Hitter,” a delivery driver, who spends time at the Long Beach shop, tells Life & Style weekly. “One time she looked pissed walking through. Everyone made a ‘Whoa, trouble!’ noise, and she just kept her head forward. They burst out laughing after she left, but she must’ve heard.”

Poor Sandy! We can’t believe she stuck by 40-year-old Jesse’s side for five whole years of marriage if she was being treated so badly. Her husband is clearly a disrespectful dirtbag — what a loser! Kick him to the curb once and fort all, Sandra!

–Kirstin Benson

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