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EXCLUSIVE! The Real Story Behind Snooki & Emilio's Break-Up — He Never Cheated On Her!

Tue, April 20, 2010 4:03pm EDT by 9 Comments

Emilio misses Snooki a lot! He doesn’t even know what’s going on!

None of the rumors are true about the reasons behind Emilio Masella and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi‘s break up! Emilio “DID NOT cheat on Snooki and he’s peeved that there are rumors that he did,” Rich Amundson of Dicks Cottons Sunglasses brand, a friend of the couple, tells exclusively!

“When Snooki first started thinking he cheated on her, he definitely did not,” Rich tells us. “We were with him all night at Carmine Gotti‘s 24th birthday party on Apr. 10 and he didn’t talk to any girls at all. He even slept on our couch.”

Earlier today, RadarOnline claimed that Snooki broke up with Emilio because he was writing messages to girls on Facebook and asking them out on dates. Their source also said that Emilio posted photos of himself with girls “wrapped around him.”

Well, it turns out that “the pictures were photos of Emilio with a friend of his,” Rich tells us. “They were taken this past weekend at club 84 Park in Stamford, Conn., and her boyfriend was also there and in some of the pictures.”

Emilio really wants to clear the air about all of the rumors. “He doesn’t even know what’s going on because he can’t communicate with Snooki unless it’s through the house phone” because MTV has cut off all communication, Rich explains.

AND in regards to Snooki thinking that Emilio is using her for press: “It’s the third time he’s tried out for The Real World,” Rich says. “He tried out the past two years before she was even on Jersey Shore. Emilio loves Snooki! He talks about her all the time and misses her a lot.”

Well, we hope this is all sincere and true for Emilio sake if he really does hope to get Snooki back!

— Lindsey DiMattina