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Bonnie Says: Yay! Tiger You Listened To Me And Let Elin Take The Kids To Sweden!

Mon, April 19, 2010 10:00pm EDT by Chloe Melas 29 Comments
Getty Images, (2)

Getty Images, (2)

Tiger  — Elin has reportedly given up on your marriage and has been wanting to take little Sam Alexis, 2, and Charlie, 1, with her to Sweden and you finally gave in!

You’ve been adamantly against letting your wife Elin Nordegren take the kids to Sweden but it looks as though you’ve finally taken my advice! told you yesterday reports were swirling saying you wouldn’t even let Elin take the children to her native Sweden for a trip, according to sources who spoke to PopEater. BUT you finally relented and Elin boarded a private plane yesterday with her two kiddies and a nanny. RadarOnline reports they took off for Stockholm — and landed at 4:30am.

Elin must have been beyond desperate to get away from you since Europe is covered in a volcanic ash grounding thousands of flights! Just as Stockholm reopened their airport Elin jumped on the first flight out on her private plane.

It’s about time Tiger! Elin did nothing wrong — she’s been a devoted wife and a doting mother. For years you chose to spend your time with babes INSTEAD of with your own babies.

A source close to you supposedly claims you’ve been a devoted father. “He will never give up on those kids. They mean the world to him,” claims this source.

I say, that’s a crock. No dad who is concerned about his kids, would have sex with alleged mistress #17, Rachel Coudreit, in your office next to his child’s crib. Or have sex with alleged mistress #5, Mindy Lawton, in your black Escalade, with two child car seats in the back.

Or have sex with mistress #11, porn star Joslyn James, ten days after little Sam Alexis was born. Or have sex with god knows how many times with how many mistresses while Elin was pregnant with either of your children.

Does a man who really cares about his kids tell his mistresses that he was in a sham marriage that existed strictly for publicity purposes?

Sorry Tiger —but  a man who cares about his kids doesn’t disrespect them or their mother to this HUGE degree.

Elin has reportedly spent hours at her home with a new divorce lawyer.  It’s amazing that she’s still standing and not in a psych hospital after all the embarrassment and humiliation you’ve subjected her to.

Can you honestly blame her for wanting to escape the media spotlight and shield your children from the scrutiny of the world?

Is that EVER going to happen here?

Maybe not. But it may be possible in Sweden, where you, Tiger are a far lesser celebrity.

In Sweden, Elin — who is no doubt lonely here — she has her twin sister and BFF, Josefin, to lean on, as well as her parents.

Furthermore, your children will NOT have to grow up with whispers behind their backs for their whole lives. They can grow up without your long, adulterous shadow invading their privacy.

If you truly care about your kids, you’ll let Elin have primary custody and allow them to live with their mother in Sweden. I’m so glad you took my advice — now let’s see if you can continue to let Elin and your kids pick up the pieces of their lives that you shattered.

-Bonnie Fuller


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