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New Report! Tiger & Elin Are Giving Each Other The Silent Treatment!

Sun, April 18, 2010 10:19am EDT by 26 Comments


The whole world may be talking about Tiger & Elin — but that doesn’t mean they’re talking to each other!

Remember when Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren took off on separate trips earlier this week? Well, they’re both back in Florida — but they’re not exactly telling each other all about their recent trips. In fact, is reporting that Tiger and Elin have barely said a word to each other since returning April 16. At one point on Friday, a source tells the site, Elin knocked on Tiger’s door because one of their kids needed to go to the bathroom, and Tiger just stood there without exchanging so much as a word with her.

Elin is still furious with Tiger over his decision to return to golf — at the 2010 Masters Tournament and the upcoming U.S. Open in June — as well as his tasteless Nike ad, which featured his late father Earl Woods.

I knew the future of their marriage wasn’t looking bright — Elin has reportedly been meeting with divorce lawyers — but it’s looking even more grim now that they aren’t even speaking to one another.

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